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This Mantra of Goddess Baglamukhi is an infallible missile. By chanting this mantra your
life will be free from obstacles of enemies. No doubt that this will be the astriction of your enemy but it’s critical for the person seeking to use this mantra to know the pros and cons. To use this mantra it is not sufficient to know the rules but it is also important to keep in mind that who is deserving and non-deserving. By reading books and internet almost everyone is aware of this mantra, but there is vast difference between getting the knowledge directly from your teacher and getting from other sources. It’s the order of a teacher to examine thoroughly before giving this mantra to an individual.

In this website the mention Baglamukhi Mantra is only done to increase the general knowledge of the readers. In any case when I have given this mantra to a person is not on the bases of blind faith on their stories but I have personally examined the persons need for the mantra. If a user of the mantra secretly gives this knowledge to a person non deserving person, that person will be protected. But if an innocent person is harmed the user will be a partner for his sins.

I have personally seen the misuse of this mantra. I have experienced the after effect of this. In the modern world people are short of time. Everyone is busy in their lives. Because of preoccupation a person called a pundit and asked him to enchant the Baglamukhi Mantra one lack times. The pundit agreed and after five days informed that the enchanting was done and that his work will be done.

The next day this man came to know that the enemy for whom he had got the ritual done for has filed a police report against him. So this man had to go to the police station and then he had bad and difficult days. The enemy had in turn harmed him. The conclusion to all this was there was settlement of their differences but this man’s case was taken thoroughly.

What is the fault of Goddess Baglamukhi ? Is it possible for some to enchant the Baglamukhi Mantra for one lack times in five days? Personally I take 10 minutes to enchant one mala (beads). If I take an hour daily so in 10 minutes 108 and in 60 minutes 648 mantras are completed. According to this if daily I meditate for 2 hours then it totals to 1296 times. In five days it totals to 6480mantra, even if I meditate with full dedication there will be difference of 500 mantras. Then the question is how many people will complete this ritual in how many days? Will people actually give the exact number of mantras enchanted or the person will count. Approximate count is not possible. Once I saw 21 pundits doing this ritual in five days with all the methods. It’s not that there are no learned men available who enchant Bagalmukhi Mantra with all the procedures. However this is true that cheats and people who are greedy for money will always be there to fool you.

The conclusion is if you want desired success try and enchant this mantra personally and if possible embrace this mantra from a learned teacher.

!!Jai Ma Baglamukhi !!


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