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Ruse of destiny by Sunrise

Why & how to Offer Water to Sun

The very first rays of Sun bring the ray of hope for us. No doubt light is the symbol of prosperity in our lives, who like the darkness? Through this article I am going to tell you about the importance of Sun in our lives. Though the seven hours sleep is enough for normal human being but if you observe you will found that we spend more than half of our life in sleep.

If you want to feel the power of sun, importance of sun then go to roof of your house in the early morning and observe sun rise. At that time you will come to know what exactly I want to tell.

In fact, I want to give a new direction to your life. As far as, astrology is concern Sun represents our Soul, our confidence. Whatever inner energy we hold is nothing but blessing of Sun. The confidence we hold is determined by the Sun. The firmness of our determination depends upon the Sun. Our will power all these blessed by the Sun. You shall have lack of all these powers in case Sun is weak in your horoscope.

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The Sun planet stands for

The planets Sun & Moon are the symbol of our eyes more explicitly Sun & Moon represents our eyes in the Horoscope. So both planets have the same place in our life as is the place of eyes in our life. Sun enable us to see in the day while Moon in the night.

Here, I am talking about one more sight. That sight is foresight. The success in our lives fully depends upon the foresight. All our decision depends upon the foresight. You reach at the top in your life when you anticipate about the future works & decisions. Sun enable us to see beyond whatever we see with our eyes.

If you are in any job then observe your office, look at your top boss, you will see many qualities in that person. All these qualities are the blessing of Sun. So if you want progress, respect, name & fame while doing work with foresight & wisely then you will have to earn the Sun’s grace.

If you want to please the planet Sun, first of all, get rid of laziness, the habit of lethargy. Develop the habit of offering water to the rising sun.

Leave the laziness for once

Firstly check the exact time of Sunrise. You will have to come out of bed early in the morning, take bath and reach the roof of your house or at any place where you can watch the sunrise. You have to watch the sunrise from its beginning. Pray in front of the sun while it rising. You don’t have the need for any special Mantra. Just pray in your own language. Then offer the holy water in the copper vessel to Sun. You should see the red rays of the Sun through the falling water from the copper vessel. These red rays of the rising sun will fill you with self-confidence, foresight and these are also capable of giving you name, fame & high post.

Wrong way to offer water to Sun

The people who offer the water to Sun at 07.00 or 8.00 A.M. are not only insulting the Sun but also damaging themselves. There are scientific reasons also because after the one hours of sunrise the rays are so intense that they can damage the human eyes. Some people offer the water even at the 10 or 11 O’ clock in the late morning this is totally wrong. The right time of offering water to Sun is in the early morning at the time of sunrise because at that time the color of Sun is red, easily visible and it causes no damage to the human eye.

Benefits of offering water to Sun

Now the question arise how many days this ritual we have to perform, in other words, how long we have to offer water to the sun. The reason is obvious; it is very hard to get up early in the morning for many people. The answer is you try to do this for twenty-one days. You will see a drastic change in your life and then you will not stop this ritual. And if you want continuous progress in your life then keep this ritual continue.

After two months all your problem related to Job will come to end and after three to four months you will see the chances of promotion in the job. After six months you will definitely get the promotion in the job.

If you have Sun responsible planet for your relationship issues you can do this remedy to bring happiness into your married life & if you have a delay in marriage due to Sun this remedy can create marriage yog in the horoscope.

How to Offer the water to Sun

The offering of water to Sun gives you name, fame, dignity, self-confidence. Apart from all these things you will definitely get rid of the problems of the evil spirit, ghost, devil, sprite, etc.

Right method to giving water to Sun

In case, you are unable to get up early in the morning due to any reason. Then you change the position of your bed and your sleeping position should be in the manner that when you get up in the morning the rising sun should be in front of your eyes.

The other option is you get the picture of the rising sun and hang the same in your room but get it to confirm that the picture should be of the rising sun and not the sunset.


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