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How to get rid of Intoxications

Remedies to get rid of Intoxication

Who won’t feel upset looking at way the today’s youth is marching towards Intoxication? Unfortunately since past five years this bad habit is increasing like an epidemic. Some get into alcoholism by their own choice, some do it for enjoyment and then get habituated to it and there are some who are forced into it because of bad company. Our children can also get into this habit. Everyone would like to save their children and relatives from this bad habit. People who themselves are trapped in this bad habit also try to get rid of this but they have no control over this habit. Alcohol reaches each and every vein and makes the person its slave and cripples the mental stability as well.

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As per Indian astrology when the Dragon’s Head (Rahu) is born as Ascendant in the 12th house of the horoscope or if there is any relation established with lord of ascendant then the person starts heading towards alcoholism. Smack, laudanum, hashish, hemp, alcohol, bidi, cigarette or tobacco all leads to a horrifying future and eventual death of the person.

There are people who get their children horoscope to me for analysis. Amongst them one parent had the doubt that whether their son is involved in any form of addiction. In regards to this topic all the things I asked him to do was followed completely and by the grace of God the son was out of this dangerous trap. He was stable after two months of help from the alcohol de-addiction centre. If you also have the doubt that there is someone in your house has this disease and you want to help them out of this problem. Or if you want to find out if anyone is involved in alcoholism and to what extent he is trapped in this bad habit, it can be done with the help of their horoscope. If the parents have awareness that whether their children are involved in alcoholism then I think some lives can be saved. There are times when you don’t even know how and when your family member gets involved in this habit. To get rid of alcoholism government has started alcohol deactivation centers. As soon as you know help should be taken from them.

As far as possible you should adopt the following measures which is straight and easy route to get rid. My article is for people who want to get rid of this habit but are unable to do so. Addiction is all related to the mind and brain. Moon is the factor of mind and brain. However, Mercury (Budh) is also known to be a factor of the brain but according to me when some is suffering because of Moon (Chandrma), Saturn (Shani), Dragon’s head (Rahu), and Dragon’s tail (Ketu) then the persons mind acts according to the mean planet. And you can get victory over alcoholism with control over your mind. You can leave alcohol completely. If Moon (chandrma) comes under the vision of a favorable planet then alcohol will release the person from its trap. In case of lack of vision of a favorable planet then you should think about the vision of favorable planet on the ascendant.

There are sixteen sections of one horoscope which are known as Shodash Warg. Navmansh is the ninth house and dashmansh is the tenth house in the horoscope then Draeshkan Chakra, Dwadshans, Trinshmansh and others altogether are sixteen horoscopes with the help of which we can closely study strength of any planet. Nowadays the person who suffers is not bothered about all this as there is lot of time involved and only by reading you cannot get knowledge about all this. According to me it is important to do the assessment of all these aspects.

This is the way that we can do a detailed analysis about a planet and also make the person familiar about this.

Now let’s talk about those who want to desperately leave alcohol. No matter how bad is the state of your planets, with all your efforts, actions, with will power you can change the movement of the planets.

The actions that I am talking about does not involve any enchanting of Mantra, expenditures, use of material or moving to different location.

This practice is only to strengthen the mind. If you have a strong mind then you will have a strong will power which will help you make this impossible act very easy.

By increasing your will power you can have control over alcoholism.

Some Remedies to make your mind strong.


Sit with eyes closed and retire. You don’t have to let any thoughts into your mind. Come out the thoughts that are entering your mind and try and stop thinking. Try to concentrate towards your heart through your eyes. You have to be in this state for two minutes for the first five days. After that increase the duration by two minutes daily. Seventh day sit for four minutes eight day for five minutes.

You won’t realize any great difference in the initial ten days. Eventually you will realize that your anger levels are going down, and then you will have less of cravings. After a month hunger- thirst, pain, restlessness, anger and greed will slowly come in control. This means that you will get so much of strength that you will be able to stay hungry for the entire day and you will have control over thirst. You will be able to stay thirsty for long; also the need for alcohol will reduce.

Continue practicing meditation after this but try to keep your mind without distractions in one place. After three months the person reaches the stage where he realizes that the body is mortal and the soul is immortal. You won’t feel scared, you won’t get angry and you would have been freed from alcohol long back. You won’t have the desire of any form of addiction. This path leads you to ecstasy, keep going.

Concentration on one point – Tratak

Concentration on one point is one more way to make the mind propulsive. Readers please read as a piece of information and follow it with the help of an expert. In this you can concentrate your vision on some dot, candle light or some crystal for five minutes initially. With practice you can increase the duration and after getting habituated the person gets insight about the past, present and future. Like for sages this is the elementary stage of accomplishment.

The intention is that the sages get accomplishments by following this simple practice. However, the presence of an expert or Master and guidance is of critical importance. Readers please go as per you discretion.

With meditation and yoga many impossible tasks can be achieved and alcohol is nothing in front of it. My good wishes are with you. Please share any doubts, curiosities, complaints and suggestion on the following email id.

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!!Jai Shri Ram!!


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