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Relationship and Astrology

In this post I will explain how relationship works as per astrology. We are human being and we live in a community . We are always associated with the society. Then we have all are relations in those we have the ones which are close to our heart. If we never had these relations in our lives then no one would had been bothered about each other, in fact wouldn’t had been bothered about own self.

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These relations can be seen from astrological perspective also. Your horoscope also signifies how your mutual relations will be. All possible relations from brother, sister, parents, grandparents, in laws can be analyzed from your horoscope.
Venus is an important factor in a woman’s life. In the man’s horoscope Venus is the factor for the wife. Moon is for the mother and Sun for the father. Mercury helps to determine the relation with your sister and Mars is for brother. Jupiter in a lady’s horoscope indicates about the husband.Degrees of Mercury is also seen for relations with your mom’s sister and brother.

For deep horoscope analysis I always keep a track of the constellations. Saturn given idea about your paternal uncle and Dragon’s Head indicates your in laws and all the various relations with your in laws. If we keep constellations in mind then we can get detailed information about any relation. For example how will be my in laws? Will I have a peaceful relation with my mother in law? Dragon’s Head (Rahu) and its constellations indicate about sister or brother in law, elder sister and her husband.

Likewise we can see the horoscope as well. The first house indicates oneself.  The seventh house is for the husband /wife. From the Ascendant the fourth house of horoscope is for the house of mother and from the forth house of horoscope,seventh house is being read for the father. The third house of horoscope gives idea about your brother and the from 3rd house to next seventh house indicates about his (brother’s) wife.

To get idea about your maternal relations it’s important to have an idea about the mother’s house. That
is when you can know about your relations with your mother’s maiden family.

The fourth house of horoscope indicates about your mother and the sixth house from Ascendant about your maternal uncle and aunt. The third house gives idea about relations with brother. If you want to know about your wife’s brother then your seventh house is seen which is for your wife and then her third house position is seen which is for your brother in law.

Similarly thee ninth house is for your brother and sister in law. Before getting married girls are naturally curious to know about her new family, about her father in law, elder and younger brother of her husband and their wives. How will her relation be with husband’s parents? Will you have a long term relation with them? Will they shower you with their love? Will his younger brother take care of you like his own sister?

With these kind of questions you have to understand one thing that if you are planning to have a relation with a family which is in the Sin house then any of your new relations won’t flourish.
If in the tenth house there is Dragon’s Head then there will be deficiency in the relation with your in laws.
If Saturn is mean then there will be no guidance of elders in your house.

If Dragon’s Head is not good then you won’t have good relations with your in laws and if it’s favorable then your relation with in laws will flourish and you will also get help from your in laws when required.

The Strongest Relationship – Friendship

The strongest relation is friendship. Even if you separate there are hopes to unite again. Friendship is the only relation with the absence of which all relations seem empty.Some people are not destined to have friends or else they are always betrayed by their friends.Let’s give an insight in this relation and also to why this happens. If Mercury is favorable in your horoscope then your friends will love you more than your close relatives, You will have this one or many friends who will be like your shadow.
In any situation in your life your friends will be close to you and will be there for your help and you also won’t s able to stay without your friends.

On the contrary if Mercury is with dragon’s head and is weak then you should stay away from friends because they will favor you on your face, but will be there to betray you if required.

They can be helpful to you at times but there is definitely some selfish motive behind it.
If Saturn is present with mercury then you won’t have bad friends.
If sun is with mercury then you will get the same treatment from your friends like the way you treat them.
If you are selfish your friends will be the same. But there will be one advantage that you will always be surrounded with friends.

If Jupiter is with mercury then you will have loyal and helpful friends and they will be frank with you. They won’t criticize you behind your back.
If Dragon’s Tail is with mercury then you will have helping friends but they won’t be of your standard. They will be of higher status than you.
If Mars is with mercury then you will be friends with girls and if moon is with mercury then you will be friends with anyone. You will have the power to make your enemies be in your favor.

!! Jai Shri Ram!!

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