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Property disputes by date of birth horoscope

Property Disputes with Brothers Sisters & Relatives by astrology

The property disputes with brother sisters & relatives are common but if you are the victim listen to what astrology says about this. By Ashok Prajapati.

In this post, I am going to discuss with you the conflicts due to land and property with the astrological aspects. There should not be any doubt that most of the conflict between families is due to land and property. In the father and the sons, in the brothers and brothers property increases the dispute so much that one takes the life of other. You would have seen in the newspapers that, the son killed his old father due to property; brother killed his brother due to property.

Madness about property

Why is so much madness due to the property? Why the person becomes so mean & low? I have seen through my experience that in a house where there is no property, there is love in each other.  At least we don’t see so much hostility.

After considering this subject, the question arises that there was a lot of love & brotherhood between brothers, but the property led to fierce misery. It means the cause of hostility is not the brothers and their greed for the property but property itself. Now the question arises which planets in the horoscope create this type of situation. Which are the planets for which property becomes a snatcher of life? Why the piece of land known as heaven makes the life hell?

4th house & Mars are the Key Planets

Nobody would like to spoil his life in this way. If you are going to make a property deal, then when buying land or house, you should show your horoscope to any Astrologer and ask if the planets in your horoscope are auspicious for buying the property. In case the planets in your horoscope are inauspicious for buying the property then never buy a property in your name. Buy property only on the name of your wife or son.

Secondly, consult a Vastu Shastra Expert before purchasing a house that the house being purchased is auspicious or inauspicious for you according to Vastu. Check that there was no graveyard, grave, etc. on that land. The house that you are going to buy cheaply has witnessed an untimely death of the person living in that house. Nobody has committed suicide in that house or slaughtered in that house. Confirm that property is not belonging to such a person; who was having no successor after him.

The attraction of Cheap Property

Seeing the cheap & attractive prices, we buy this type of land, but after this, the haunted type of property becomes an enemy of life. Because after acquiring this type of house or plot tragic incidents start. The loss starts in the business, the difficulty in the job arises, sudden transfer to a remote place in the job. In many cases, the person falls into the clutches of serious illness. Therefore, make the final decision in reference to purchasing a property after the advice of an astrologer.

Property disputes by astrology

This problem varies according to the horoscope of every individual person because a plaza or house is inauspicious for one person, it is not necessary that it is inauspicious even for others. If you have bought such an inauspicious property, then it can also be taken as per your horoscope. For any type of question, problem or solution, write down your problem in detail in the form given below, if God is pleased, surely the solution will be given.

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This type of problems varies according to the horoscope of every individual. Because I have seen that if a plot or a house is inauspicious for one person then it is not necessary that the same property shall be inauspicious for everyone. In case, you have acquired such a property and now facing problems then there are astrological remedies also for this type of problems according to your horoscope. For any type of question, query, the problem you may use the below-giving form, write down your problem in detail and send to us. I will try my best to help you and solve your problems.