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Plants and Planets

Trees are the blessings received from Mother Nature and they always help us either directly or indirectly. But it is very unfortunate that some of the astrologer’s advice to use the tree roots for planets as a remedy with connection of planets and plants. Through this post, we are trying to tell people that instead if this, they should suggest the remedies for all planets that are not just helpful for them but for the entire world.

Why tree roots to make planet strong & powerful?

It is often advised to wear the tree roots to make planet strong. For instance, root of Aegle marmelos (wood apple – बेल पत्र) is suggested for Sun, root of Manilkara hexandra (खिरनी की जड़) for Moon, root of Indian Sarsaparilla (अनंत मूल) for Mars and root of banana for Jupiter. Now to take the root of the tree, you have to reach to its root. There is no certainty that you will receive benefit from this act but it will surely harm the tree. Still for those who think that you can make your planet strong with tree roots, we are suggesting the remedies related to plants that could be done not by harming the plants but by planting them. Use these trees planting by astrology and get benefit.

So how you can make your planet strong we are going to explain in this post. In the list there are 9 planets. There are so many remedies already available to make the planets strong but these free and simple remedies you can do at your home to make each and every planet strong. Let’s start from first planet the Sun.

How to make Sun strong & powerful in horoscope

When the planet Sun is not strong in your horoscope there might be problem in eye, the government related matters might halt, business could be affected etc. In such condition, use remedies for sun. To make the Sun strong you can implant any pink color plant that gives pink color flowers. Pink color rose could also be used for this purpose. You can do this in morning time on Sunday. After this, take care of the plant and as the time proceeds, your sun will become stronger with this sun plant remedy.

How to make Moon strong & powerful in horoscope

If Moon is weak in horoscope you will feel tired & loneliness. Weakness of eyes or mind might be there due to weak moon. It might also cause heart disease, extreme emotions, weak health of parents and problems to girl child. If your moon is weak then use this remedy for moon. This will make your Moon strong in horoscope.

Implant any tree of white color on Monday and take care of it. When it gets bigger then donate it in temple on Monday. This moon plant remedy will constantly make your moon strong in horoscope as time proceeds.

How to make Mars strong in horoscope

If planet Mars is weak in your horoscope then plant red color rose at the place where it can blossom. You can make Mars strong if you save this plant for long time. This could also be planted inside the house. But if you want to plant it in flower pot then it must be big in size. When this plant will grow big, it will defend you from the ill effects of Mars and all its flowers will shred. At the accurate time, they will blossom again.

How to make Mercury strong in horoscope

When the Mercury is weak, the person conducts mistakes that convert to big problems in future. The person works in the influence of someone else instead of controlling himself and ruins his future. If you think that your Mercury is weak don’t worry because this home remedy will make your Mercury strong in horoscope. Implants a beautiful plant with green leaves. You have to plant it in earth and if you do not have your own place then plant it in temple. This will give strength to the weak Mercury and you will soon notice the impact in your life.

How to make Jupiter strong in horoscope

The person gains weight if Jupiter is weak. The health does not remain good and it specially impacts the liver. It also has negative impact on the reputation of the person in society. You can make your Jupiter strong in horoscope if you implant a banana tree in temple or religious place on Thursday and take care of that plant. No matter how much weak the Jupiter is, it will give positive results within 11 months.

How to make Venus strong & favorable in horoscope

The person loses the beauty if Venus is bad. No cooperation is there with ladies or quarrels take place, accusations are made, money goes negative and in the worst condition, the person gets affected with diabetes. In such condition immediately implant an Butterfly pea (or any kind of white flower vine) with white flowers on Friday at the place where no one remove it. Try this remedy before 9 AM on Friday. In some time, Venus will become strong in your horoscope.

How to make Saturn strong in horoscope

The person might come under big problem if Saturn tempers. Things like debt, responsibility of family, increase in accountability etc. takes place due to Saturn. If Saturn is giving negative results then implant the tree of Catechu or Khair at the place where you can protect it. Do this after sunset on Saturday. This type of tree implantation will show its impact within some weeks. Your Saturn will become strong in your horoscope if you take care of this plant till it is so bigger that it takes necessary water through its roots.

How to make Rahu Strong in horoscope

If rahu become worse early then it do not let the person live with contentment. The person gets affected with blood pressure and certain kind of fear always remains there in his mind. The effects such as generation of great fear, hidden enemy panic, prompt legal action, fear of imprisonment etc. take place due to the negative impact of Rahu. To make Rahu strong and favorable the plant known as night-blooming jasmine is there that can help. The flowers of this plant blossom in night and its fragrance spread far and wide. You can plant this on Saturday at the time of Rahu. On Saturday, Rahukaal is in morning between 7:30-9:00.

In addition to this, the time after sunset on Sunday is also considered as the time of Rahu and you can plant it during this time as well. After the remedy your Rahu will be strong in horoscope & even the biggest problem will be solved.  You will get help from somewhere.

How to make Ketu strong in horoscope

If the Ketu becomes negative then as its impact, the person has to face the anger of the ancestors. As the result, he might suddenly come under problem and everyone might become enemy all of a sudden. If you lose the money or not able to get information about disease then it means that there is the impact of Ketu.

To make Ketu strong in horoscope implant a Hawthorne plant or Ficus tree on the occasion of Hindu date 13 (त्रयोदशी). Plant it at the place where you are able to take care of it but do not plant it inside house.

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