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Unsatisfied spirits around you

Pitru Dosha & unsatisfied spirits around you – Symptoms & Remedies

By Pitru dosha or Pitra dosha, I mean a spirit who is unsatisfied living around you & affecting you & your family atmosphere. In this post, I will share the symptoms & remedies.

You would have experienced that whenever you go to an astrologer for advice he says though it seems everything is fine in your horoscope yet you are facing the problems certainly Pitra Dosh in your horoscope is responsible for your sufferings.

Though all the horoscope is inflicted with the Pitra Dosh to some extent if we consider them as per rules & regulations of the Vedic astrology. But we experience that everyone is not facing the same problems. As far as my experience is concerned, I am going to tell you about Pitra Dosh, the symptom of Pitra Dosh. If you see these symptom & sign then understand that You have Pitra Dosh in your horoscope and your Pitra is indignant with you.

What is Pitra Dosha Who is Pitru

First of all, I want to make it clear, know who is a Pitra and the reason for their resentment. All your ancestors come in the category of Pitra, but when we talk about the Pitra Dosh then those ancestors come in this category who left for heavenly abode unsatisfied.

Pitru Dosha and unsatisfied spirits around you Symptoms and Remedies

Sometimes it happens that one member of the family is discriminated, the property is divided by discrimination. He takes this discrimination in his heart remains dissatisfied till death. Consequently, after his death due to such dissatisfaction the fight continues for generations, nobody gets happiness, profit from that property.

A person wanders in the form of an incomprehensible soul in a family when he does not have a natural death or dies after being a loner. This incomprehensible soul demands from the family his rights. Based on my personal experience of this kind of spirit, I have seen the death of the newborn child in the family.

On the occasions of celebrations in the Family, this soul hopes that he should be honored, be included in happiness. Perhaps for this reason, on the Diwali festival, water in the earthen pot, white cloth etc. is kept in the morning for the ancestors, it is worshiped. On the occasion of marriage also, the people from the groom’s side demand particular things (such as white clothes etc.) for their Pitra. The people who follow these customs they don’t face any problem, hardships etc but on the contrary where such rituals are not considered, troubles have been seen.

Sign & Symptom of Indignant Pitra (Soul)

Some unusual symptoms of the indignant ancestors that I have collected based on my personal experience are as follows:-

Always get the one or two hair out of food

Many times it happens that one family member always gets a hair out of his food, no one knows where this hair came from. Even if the person goes to the restaurant, then even in the restaurant one or two hair comes out from the food, and in this situation, even the family members blame him and make fun of him.

Stinky smell or bad odor

Some people have problems that their home smells bad, no one knows where this odor is coming from. In course of times, they become so much habitual of this odor that they don’t feel it and the outsiders tell them that this is happening now. Now think how to resolve this problem when even you don’t know the source of the smell or odor.

Dreams of ancestors or Pitar repeatedly

Once my friend told me that between he and his father a dispute is going on and this dispute lasted for many years. His father on death bed expressed his desire to meet his son but the son did not go. After some time the father of my friend died. Now my friend comes to me and says that in the dream he has seen his father without clothes, this particular dream has come many times.

Hurdles/obstructions during the auspicious occasions

Sometimes it happens that you are celebrating a festival or festive worship is going on at your house. At the same time, something happens and you see the disruption in happiness. Such an incident beyond the imaginations happens which changes the atmosphere of happiness. I want to say that this is nothing more than an indication of indignant ancestors on the auspicious occasion.

To be a loner of one of the members of the family

You must have seen or felt in your neighborhood / in relation that there is a good young man, having no deficiency but still he is unmarried. It is not a good sign if any person remains unmarried after a long lifespan. If in the past a bachelor has already died in the house, the likelihood of becoming the above situation increases. The reason for this problem also lies in the indignant soul.

Problems in buying or selling the property

You must have seen that a very good property, house, shop or land is not sold for any reason, Sometimes there is a buyer but the deal does not final. In some cases, if a buyer is found and everything is done then the deal gets canceled at the last minute. If such a situation is going on for a long time, then it should be assumed that there is some unquenchable spirit behind related to that land or piece of land.


Despite everything being normal in the medical report if a person is deprived of children then it is not necessary that there is any Pitra Dosh or indignant ancestor but it is very much possible that the land purchased from a destitute person makes the new owner of the land childless.

All the incidents or problems mentioned above, many of you will have experience. People waste time and money to solve it but in vain, the problem remains unsolved. Through this article, I am providing some remedy for the people suffered from Pitra Dosh or Pitru dosha.

Most effective & practical remedy for Pitru dosha

Go under a peepal tree (Ficus Religiosa) on the day of Thirteen (Moon month) and fill the milk in the small clay pot, keep some sweet on it, put lid it and place some sweet, sugar, jaggery etc on it. Burn a lamp and take a resolution, pray that o invisible soul, O invisible power, if we have forgotten something, then we atone for it and take the vow that whenever our work is proved, happiness will come home, respectfully your part will be given by us to you.

Make this resolution in your language in any way and go back from that place to satisfy your family priest with food, donation (money) etc. You will soon get positive results. You will see that your work has started becoming very soon, which is my experience.

I request my readers that if something remains from me or you have any thoughts regarding the article then use the contact form below and send your query.

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