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Have you forgotten them

Pitra Dosha the truth

Introduction to Pitra Dosh or Pitri Dosha (पितृ दोष)

There are 18 different rites or rituals perform by Hindus from life to death at the different occasions of life i.e. birth rite, Sacred Thread rite, marriage rite etc. In Hindus different rituals are fixed for different ceremony. In the present article I am going to tell you Pind daan, one of the Final Ritual perform after the death. Pind daan is memorial worship for the salvation of Ancestors.

Final rituals are also called Antim Sanskar. After the Funeral, Hindu donates the Pind (पिंडदान) to pacify the spirit of dead person and assume that the spirit will take rest in peace.

Whether the spirit will really pacify or get salvation after the Pind Daan?

The answer may ‘Yes’ but not in all cases.

The symptoms of unhappy soul around you – When no remedy work

I personally observe that some families are facing ghostly problems even after the Pind daan & other related rituals. These things happen mainly in case of unnatural deaths like suicide, death due to drown, burnt death etc.

I mean to say people have to face the ghostly problem in spite of Pind daan.

Sometimes a person getting problem while studying then for job and then for marriage and even married life is not stable. What could be reason behind so much of obstacles, should be noticed.

If you are getting delay in marriage for the unknown reasons. Everything is fine but for no reason your marriage is not settling. You have already done a lot of remedies but nothing worked.

When Mantra, Yantra & Gem stone are unable to give you relief. When all effort results in vain then you should think about Pitra Dosh.

Have you forgotten them?

The marriage settlement, the marriage, birth of a child, the job placement, promotion and property purchase are the important incidents of our life. These moments always matters for everyone and for those also who have been forgotten. They also wants to be happy with your rise but you don’t want to remember them in your happiest moments. This is the rise of evil and this is the first mistake you make very frequently. Especially when you have lost a family member suddenly and later you forget about him. The soul come back one day you to realize your mistakes.

It is observed that the spirit of the victim of unnatural death person does something to realize its presence & draw your attention. It may create disturbance/obstruction during your day to day life. It may come into your dreams to draw your attention.

Sometimes even the presence of stinky smell, odor or scent in the house. When you feel a smell everywhere you goes, you should not ignore because this is the starting point of trouble.

Normally people ignore these signs consequently they face delay in marriage, non-occurrence of child birth, death of children immediately after the birth, disturbance during the auspicious occasions.

If you are facing like this then you should understand that you are the victim of an unhappy soul.

A soul that wants you to pay attention about him and realize you have forgot them in your happy moments.

Ghostly activities by horoscope

Your horoscope would tell if you have any ghostly problems in your life. 2nd house is of your family and the Ketu is the key planet of supernatural powers, ghosts and all the shady mysteries. If Ketu is in 2nd house, 8th house or ascendant you must be careful about ghosts. The purpose of this article is if something happening with you, you must be careful.

Make the unhappy soul favorable

First of all keep Fast (upvaas) on the 13th of Hindu calendar. On the day of Fasting, take the milk in the small earthen pot & place it under the Banyan tree. Donate the piece of cloth, 1.25 K.G. mix sweet, some money to male old Brahmin in case you are suffered from male spirit or old female Brahmin if you are suffered from female spirit.

Though this worship or process has to follow on 13th but you should take the resolution for this worship & put aside money for this on the very day when you come to know that you are suffered from Pitra Dosh and want to do something.

While you about to donate for the unhappy soul you pray that in future when we have any auspicious occasions or functions we will not forget you and we will do the same so you live with peace wherever you are. You can do this worship or pray in your own language or words.

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