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Personalized Marriage Horoscope Hindi

Personalized Marriage Horoscope

This personalized marriage horoscope will be based on your date of birth & it will have what you want to ask & what you should ask about your marriage horoscope. Choose your questions from the list & get full detailed marriage horoscope prediction report. This marriage horoscope is fully manual so keep patience for the report.

The personalized marriage horoscope is necessary because marriage being the most important decision of life brings lots of questions in mind and increase the curiosity of the person to get reliable answers to these questions.

People often bring general questions like the appearance of the life partner, age prediction of marriage and how will be married life etc. However, there are several other questions that hold importance in deciding the fate of marriage.

What you will get in personalized marriage horoscope prediction

In this marriage prediction report, answers to these are provided by knowledgeable and experienced astrologer Ashok Prajapati. You can get the answer to the required question or ask for the complete marriage prediction report. Here we are discussing the questions that hold importance in the marriage astrology. At the end of this page, there is a form in which you can select your question & send your inquiry. For each question, INR 200 will be charged but you will get exactly what you are looking for in your personalized marriage horoscope with full satisfaction.

The precise time of marriage even with the year and month

Planets have a significant impact on the decision of marriage. The planets in Kundali are symbolic for marriage and provide the timetable according to which marriage takes place. In the answer to the question of time of marriage, we can even help you with estimate month and year in which marriage could take place.

The personality of the partner

Everyone has the desire to get the partner who is good looking. To find the answer to this question, we can help you with marriage prediction. This prediction is based on the D9 chart of the Kundali and reading the same, we can predict the appearance of your partner, height, complexion etc.

How will be life partner’s profession

The profession of partner is also an important question as marriage with a jobless person can bring several problems. It is important to ascertain that the career of partner is stable. The D9 chart of horoscope provides answer to this question. If the planets are powerful in the chart then the career will be stable. Weak planets in the chart indicate unstable career. We can help get the answer to this question with a proper reading of the D9 chart.

How will be nature of partner

The person must be compatible with nature as it is very difficult to live with the person who is opposite in nature. The compatibility in D9 chart of Kundali can answer this question and therefore we can help you know the nature of partner.

How will be personal life with the partner after marriage

Some marriages are there in which partners have love and affection in the relationship while some marriages are there in which there is no love and the two people just live together without any bonding. To find an answer to this question, you can get our help. We can provide the answer depending on the moon sign of the D9 chart of you and your partner.

How will be financial position after marriage

This depends on both the partners. The association might be financially good or bad for them. Some partners prove to be lucky for each other while some does not bring good fate. For instance, some girls might even need to leave the job after marriage. We can help get the answer to this question as well.

How will be your career after marriage? Business or job?

The stars of partners affect one another. For instance, if the girl is lucky then business might flourish after marriage with her. In the marriage prediction report, we can help you with the answer to this question.

How will be Health after marriage

Health is also affected like after marriage, some people become fat. In this, astrology can help and let you know how the health will be after marriage. We can study the moon sign, sun sign and D9 chart of you and your partner and provide the answer to this question.

What about the kids after marriage 

This is dependent on both the partners. In case of married people, partner details are also required. In some cases, people want kids early while some take time. It is important that one have kids on time as else it might create problems after a certain age. With astrology, we can help with the answer to this question.

How will be the family atmosphere

This question holds special importance for ladies. In some cases, husbands are supportive when family is against while the family stands in support in some cases. We can answer this question with the help of astrology.

How will be the relation with family

If the combination is good then one can enjoy good relationships with family. Gents, for instance, can get support from the in-laws. Those who consider family support as important can get the answer from us.

How will be marriage? Arranged or love?

There are some cases in which two people like each other, their families also agree but the elder brother or sister of boy or girl are unmarried. This creates the problem as other side does not agree to wait for long. We can help get the answer to this question in marriage astrology as whether you will have love marriage or arrange marriage.

Whom will you get married to if love marriage?

Some people have more than one affair in life and do not know as who will be their partner. We can help in this with astrology and let you know who will be your future life partner.

Where will be the partner from in case of arranged marriage?

In case of arranged marriage, the options might come from some relative or known person in the family and even from matrimony. Marriage prediction will let you know as to where will be your life partner will be from.

Where will you get married the prediction

This is related to the location of marriage. Some people might settle abroad after marriage while some need to leave the hometown to go to other cities. We can help in marriage astrology to know the answer to this question.

Professional life after marriage

Some people like to marry the person in the same profession like doctor wants to marry doctor etc. In some cases, people ask a girl to leave the job but she does not agree because her career is good. So it is better to get an answer to these questions with the help of astrology.

Finally how will be fortune after marriage? 

This is in respect of salary, stability etc. Some people might have ego clashes as who is stronger financially. This also led to quarrels as couples deny to do the home job after coming from work. We can help to get an answer to this question with the knowledge of astrology.

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Personalized marriage horoscope in Hindi

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