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Partial Manglik

If you are partial manglik and looking for some solution, you should marry with the person who have similar yoga. You should not marry with Ghor Manglik, Prabal Manglik or Absolute Manglik. Because his / her Mars would affect on your life and you could not escape. If you have Partial Manglik Yog in Kundali you should not at least ignore it. This is one of the worst yog in horoscope.

This is my experience and I have seen many people disturbed where a person was partial manglik and the partner was not. I have also experienced with the people who’s partner was partial manglik and there was separation or divorce was happen.

In most cases, in partial manglik there is no harm to partner’s life because partial manglik yoga just harm relationship. This results as divorce.

Well It depends what would happen after marriage in case of partial manglik yoga. You must check with an experienced astrologer because this is matter of your life. You cannot ignore Manglik Yoga anyway. If you feel this yoga is also hurting you and you don’t want to go any astrologer, you may call me and I will analyze your horoscope to help you.

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