• When will I get married - Accurate Prediction 2018-19

    When will I get married – Send your Date of Birth for Marriage Prediction

    Every moment if you have the question in mind that when will I get married the astrology can give answer. Being an astrologer I’m doing marriage predictions & answering this question fr...

  • Free marriage prediction online by your date of birth

    Marriage Prediction by date of birth and free online

    The marriage prediction by date of birth and absolutely free online available on our website and using our app. You can simply ask any question related to your marriage and you will get personalized h...

  • Abroad Settlement in astrology

    Will I settle abroad

    9th & 4th house are the key planets by astrology for Abroad or foreign settlement. Please share your date of birth for abroad settlement calculator check. This article is related to abroad settlem...

  • marriage yoga in horoscope

    Co-Incidence or Sanjog of Marriage

    In the present article, I have chosen the topic Marriage Sanjog (Co-Incidence) as per the Horoscope chart in astrology. Here Sanjog means marriage yoga co-incidence. It is said that God almighty fix t...

  • When will I go abroad

    When will I go abroad

    If you are thinking about “when will I go abroad”. & trying hard for abroad settlement this astrology can tell you whether you will go abroad or not. Numerous people trying hard to set...

  • Government job yoga in horoscope

    Government Job in Kundali

    Everybody wants Government Job. Because once you got government job then need not to worry, you are secure for the whole life, besides this, there are several other benefits of Government job. After l...

  • Directions for marriage in Horoscope

    Directions for marriage

    By direction, I am not only telling you by East and West but sometimes we seek our partner in the wrong direction. Many people want a working lady and many girls wish to have a good and educated house...

  • Foreign Settlement- or abroad travel by astrology

    Foreign Settlement What Astrology Says

    The foreign settlement has become a dream of everyone who is trying for settlement abroad but still, you are struggling for no reason. The reason could be in your horoscope so astrology can tell you a...

  • Marriage Age Prediction

    This post is about marriage age prediction by date of birth and time. I am going to explain each marriage age prediction from 16 to 25 at what age you will get married?T his marriage forecast is based...

  • Ram Raksha Stotra

    Shri Ram Raksha Stotra is Elixir of Life राम बाण है राम रक्षा स्त्रोत

    राम बाण है राम रक्षा स्त्रोत (Ram Raksha Stotra – Its just Miracle) Ram Raksha Stotra is a miraculous prayer.  It can be used for any kind of Ailments or Disaster. Many people have seen its mirac...

  • Property disputes by date of birth horoscope

    Property Disputes with Brothers Sisters & Relatives by astrology

    The property disputes with brother sisters & relatives are common but if you are the victim listen to what astrology says about this. By Ashok Prajapati. In this post, I am going to discuss with y...

  • Gemstone Combinations

    Gemstone Combinations

    The gemstone combination that helps us when we need to wear more than one gemstone in a hand. The Gemstone combination must be friendly to each other gem. The authenticity of the gemstones is proved b...

  • Personalized Marriage Horoscope Hindi

    Personalized Marriage Horoscope

    This personalized marriage horoscope will be based on your date of birth & it will have what you want to ask & what you should ask about your marriage horoscope. Choose your questions from the...

How to activate 2nd House of Horoscope

how to activate the second house of horoscope

As you know the second house represents our speech besides other things. So once you start the control over your speech it is the beginning of the activation of the second house. When you control the words uttering from your mouth, it immediately impresses & influences the person stood in front of you. You have to keep the practice of ...

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How to activate the first house of the horoscope

How to activate the first house of horoscope

I have started a new series of articles named “how to activate the first house of horoscope”. In this series, I will tell you the importance of each house of the horoscope. As you are well aware that there are twelve houses of the horoscope. From first to twelve houses each house represents the different sphere of life. Let’s start ...

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How to know if your partner is in love with you

Love and 12 Signs

When someone falls in love, it is not always easy to point it out and people mostly remain unaware of the feelings if they are not expressed. However, astrology might help in this case and provide insight to know whether someone is in love or not. If you are an astrology believer then the zodiac sign of a person might ...

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Siblings Marriage Prediction by your Horoscope

Know by your Horoscope - When will your Brother Sister Get Married

In our Indian culture children are to be married in an age respective order is an ideal practice. The elder one will get married first and then second child and then third and so on. If the elder brother/sister is still single then the younger one in line is expected to not get married until the elder one finds his ...

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When will your Daughter get married

When will your daughter get married

If you want to know your daughter’s marriage prediction by her date of birth this post is for you because a daughter’s marriage is always a big event in the life of every parent.  In this post, you will be able to know, when are the chances of your daughter’s marriage along with the challenges of her married life. Presenting ...

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Marriage Age Prediction

This post is about marriage age prediction by date of birth and time. I am going to explain each marriage age prediction from 16 to 25 at what age you will get married?T his marriage forecast is based on my experience of marriage astrology & research of marriage planets in the horoscope. Marriage is a remarkable event of life. Everyone ...

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Will I get married in 2019

Marriage Prediction of 2019

If you are looking for marriage in 2019 the marriage prediction is positive for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn & Pisces. Read the marriage prediction of 2019 in detail. Marriage predictions of 2019 by current planets As per current planetary positions, the Jupiter is in Scorpio. The Jupiter is the responsible planet of good happenings, auspicious occasion in the family. ...

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Money and 12 Signs

What zodiac signs think about money

Aries & Money Matters Money is very important for the people of Aries. They should have money; even if they don’t have money then they will try to do anything to get the money only to show off. They can do anything even they can use the mortgage for show purpose only. Once again, I would say that money for ...

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Career Prediction 2019 for all Horoscope Signs

Career Horoscope Prediction 2019

Is Success in the career for you this Year? Your personal guide to career predictions for 2019 is right here. Growth can only be attained by putting in adequate efforts by individuals. Here, you will find career predictions for 2019 for all zodiac signs, to help you understand better in what direction to put efforts in. This will help you ...

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The Mahadasha is a segment of planets in your life. Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu & Venus are divided into 120 years in astrology. Life takes a new turn whenever the Mahadasha (Period of Planet) of any planet start. Some get married at the beginning of the Mahadasha, some either get the job or get promotion in ...

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When there is no luck to get married

When there is no luck to get married

Some of the rarest people are asking this question when will I get married or about marriage date and year but now with fed up mind they are asking whether I will get married or not because it is already too late. I have written a lot of articles on marriage prediction but sometimes marriage date prediction becomes too much ...

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Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2019

Pisces 2019 Horoscope Predictions

In this post, I am providing the Pisces horoscope predictions 2019 to help the people of this zodiac sign so that they can make plans for the coming year in the way that serves to be beneficial for them in every aspect. Several important aspects of life such as career, love, finances, health, family life etc. are covered here so ...

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Aquarius Horoscope Predictions 2019

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Predictions

For the people of Aquarius zodiac sign, I am here providing the Aquarius horoscope predictions 2019 in this post to help them with the important details of 2019. This will help them to stay updated with several important aspects of life including love, career, health, finances, family life etc. For all the zodiac signs, transits of Saturn in 2019 are ...

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Capricorn Horoscope Predictions 2019

Capricorn Horoscope Predictions 2019

I am here with this post on Capricorn horoscope predictions 2019 to provide you with the details of the events that are foreseen for Capricorn in as per horoscope predictions 2019. For the people of Capricorn zodiac sign, the position of planet Saturn is in the 12th house. This is the phase of sade sati in Capricorn horoscope that will ...

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Sagittarius Horoscope Prediction 2019

Sagittarius horoscope 2019 prediction

The year 2019 is coming up with new challenges for the people of Sagittarius. These challenges include the slow pace of business, financial problems, and increasing expenditure. Sagittarius horoscope 2019 planetary position & their effects At the beginning of the year, Jupiter is sitting in the twelfth house of the horoscope. Though this is the place of expenditure the fifth ...

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Scorpio Horoscope Prediction 2019

Scorpio 2019 Horoscope Predictions

The upcoming year 2019 is very special for the people of Scorpio. Being Saturn’s position in the second place of your horoscope, it is clear that the Saturn’s sade sati is in its last phase.  Jupiter is sitting in the ascendant putting its fifth & ninth house and giving the prosperity to the fifth and ninth house. Rahu & Ketu ...

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Libra Horoscope Prediction 2019

Libra 2019 Horoscope Predictions

The coming year 2019 for the Libra sign is looking very good. It includes a lot of good surprises. During this year, your financial situation will also be strong. Overall, 2019 will be good for all the people of Libra. Libra 2019 horoscope for the students Year 2019 is no doubt beneficial for students. If you feel that you are ...

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When will i get divorced

Divorce in Horoscope

Sometimes we marry with a person we never thought this relationship will be like a nightmare. You want to divorce & your partner is not ready for divorce. In that case, the person gets more disturbed. I have seen many cases of divorce when one side was not ready for divorce. Why divorce becomes so critical sometimes? Let’s solve this question ...

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Virgo Horoscope Predictions 2019

Virgo 2019 Horoscope Predictions

For Virgo in the year 2019 there is quantity of negative essence is more than the positive in the annual prediction. The reason for this is that the four big planets Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter for Virgo are unfavorable this year. Larger planets are of particular significance but in spite of this, it is necessary to consider the contribution ...

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Marriage with Tree and favour

Marriage with ficus tree in astrology - पीपल के वृक्ष से विवाह

It happens many times that people are advised to marry a tree as a remedy to get rid of the bad (inauspicious) positions of planets in their birth chart. In this post, I am going to divert your attention to a topic about which nobody thinks. When is it advised to marry a tree? When there is influence of the ...

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Bloody Blue Sapphire

Bloody Blue Sapphire

A particular type of sapphire, called bloody blue sapphire is quite popular. Most people’s perceptions about it are almost identical. It is said that it is a dangerous sapphire and can also cause loss of life if it is not favorable. Most people consider it as dangerous and don’t wear it. It has been written in books related to Gemstone ...

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Career in Modeling By Astrology

Career in Modeling by astrology

Modeling means a career full of glam and glitz, in which the model has to project a brand image with good looks and style. If you are looking for the career in modeling by astrology this post may help you. The career astrology is a way you can find the answer, will I become a model or not? What will ...

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Leo Horoscope Predictions 2019

Leo 2019 Horoscope Predictions

The horoscope predictions for Leo in 2019 is a little worse at the beginning of the year. Fluctuations in this year will be high and confusion will continue during the year. Leo 2019 Finance Horoscope Predictions The position of Rahu and Ketu will make big expenses by the end of March. Expenditure will be big this year while income will ...

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Cancer Horoscope Predictions 2019

Cancer 2019 Horoscope Predictions

For the people of Cancer, 2019 is going to be lucky because Jupiter is putting its aspect at ninth place. When Jupiter situated in the fifth house of the horoscope and puts its fifth aspect on the house of fortune then fortune increases, good news comes from the child & about the child and also offers many auspicious opportunities. The ...

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Gemini Horoscope Predictions 2019

Gemini 2019 Horoscope Prediction

The Gemini Horoscope prediction for 2019 is surprisingly tough as per finance, career, family & health. For Gemini people, the year 2019 is going to be very difficult. On the one hand, Jupiter is inauspicious in the sixth house of the horoscope; on the other hand, the presence of Saturn in the Seventh house of the horoscope is entangling your ...

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Taurus Horoscope Predictions 2019

Taurus Horoscope Predictions 2019

The year 2019 is very special for Taurus sign. You will get monetary benefits, increase in business, promotion, increment, change of working place etc. all in 2019. Behind all these, Jupiter’s position in Seventh house of Horoscope is responsible. There will be some financial difficulties due to the position of Rahu-Ketu in second and eighth house respectively. The family environment ...

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Aries Horoscope Predictions 2019

Aries Horoscope Predictions 2019

What will be there in the year 2019 for Aries I am going to tell you through this post. For the Aries people, the year 2019 is bringing many types of good and bad surprises. Jupiter is in the eighth house and Rahu-Ketu is in the third and ninth house of the horoscope respectively. This planetary position will affect your ...

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Career in IT Sector by astrology

Career in IT Sector by Astrology

In this post, I am going to explain the planetary position inspire a person to enter into IT industry because IT Sector is the profession youngsters making their career very rapidly after completing their computer course. In our country IT sector in on the boom. Before I give you the tips of the career in IT I would like to ...

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Career in Banking by Astrology

Banking is related to money, the people belong to banking sector or financial services have the special horoscope. In their horoscope, one thing is very interesting which is their mercury is very strong. In this post, I’ll be sharing some ideal planetary position for getting the banking job. These planetary positions are essential for determining either you will get banking ...

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Kumbha Vivah

You would have heard or read about Kumbh Vivah. The word “Kumbh” is a Sanskrit word. It means earthen pot and vivah means marriage. Generally, the astrologers advise performing Kumbh Vivah to those girls who are having Manglik dosha in their horoscope. Who can perform Kumbha Vivah In other words, you can say that Kumbh Vivah is related to Manglik ...

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Shri Ram Raksha Stotra is Elixir of Life राम बाण है राम रक्षा स्त्रोत

Ram Raksha Stotra

राम बाण है राम रक्षा स्त्रोत (Ram Raksha Stotra – Its just Miracle) Ram Raksha Stotra is a miraculous prayer.  It can be used for any kind of Ailments or Disaster. Many people have seen its miracles. The good thing about this stotra (prayer) is that whoever adorns this never gets disappointed. Specially for those whose life is in danger, ...

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When will I buy a house

When will I buy a house as per astrology

Sometimes people with a dream of buying house remains a dream. In this article I would explain when will you buy a house as per astrology. If you are planning to buy a house or property some of rules of astrology would help you to take the right decision. After long research I have found some very interesting rules of ...

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Comfortable Job in Horoscope

Comfortable Job in Horoscope

Sometimes it happens that someone is drawing very good salary with comfortable job which create a effect on our mind why you are not in such job. I am going to explain all about planetary position behind a comfortable job as per your horoscope. If you follow these basic rules of astrology you could also give career prediction to someone ...

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Surprising benefit of Aquarium in your house

Ekverium benefits right direction by astrology

Every month you want to save some money from your salary but during the last week of the month when you see that you could not save the money then you decide to save money from your next salary. This happens almost with every person who belongs to the middle class. Every month they could not save enough due to ...

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Career in Physics Chemistry and Biology

Physics Chemistry Biology by Astrology

If you are a student of physics, chemistry, biology astrology can tell you upfront about your success level in these subjects. Future is bright in Physics Chemistry or Biology if you have the deep interest in these subjects. Jobs are easily available if you are talented & if you have knowledge in this field. You can choose your career in ...

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Career Selection as per astrology

Career Horoscope by Ashok Prajapati

Every person has an expertise in some specific field.There is no person who is entirely useless or who is fully capable of doing all. God has sent every person with one or the other defined motive. You need to choose the proper career path. careers astrology is an important factor for your future success. If we select our career according ...

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Side Effects Of Yellow Sapphire

If Yellow Sapphire not suitable

Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone suitable to minimum people. its all about 30% people who can get benefits of Yellow Sapphire, Topaz or Yellow stone. If not suitable it could turn into moody person. Your moods will change so many times in a day. You will have no control on your habits especially on your diet. You will start gaining ...

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Side effects of Emerald

If emerald not suitable

Emerald is a very calm and soft gemstone. Due to its softness the side effects of emerald does not be intense.  If Emerald is not suitable you will lose the patience. You will hurry in everything. You will not use your head and you will become careless to others. The problems related to teeth will start arising. In routine conversation ...

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Snakes in Dreams


Do you see snakes in your dreams? Do you want to know the reason behind this? If yes, then this article will prove to be beneficial for you. Seeing a snake in your dreams can be both auspicious and inauspicious. It totally depends on the condition in which you see the snake in your dream. Like, some people kill the ...

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Saturn in Horoscope – Effects & Remedies

Effects of Saturn position in the different houses of Horoscope Much has been written on this topic but I will try to introduce my esteemed readers with my own experiences. It is said that Saturn is the enemy of Sun but I have noticed that Saturn is neither the friend nor the enemy of anyone. The people who are affected ...

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