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Welcome to the world of astrology. Ashok Prajapati offers free predictions for your marriage, career, health, life & personal matters. You can just fill the form below and ask your question. You will get reply from the expert astrologer. The free prediction is available for you once in a month.

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    Horoscope India is a blog by Astrologer Ashok from Ambala. Whether you want your personalized and accurate prediction or you want to learn astrology, spiritual healing you can contact us through official website of Ashok Prajaati. People contact not only horoscope reading but Numerology, Face Reading, Palm Reading, and for the solution of their personal problems. In healing where other people do traditional remedies here, you will see a huge difference. There are a lot of problems one cannot explain and we cannot explain as well but you will get solution. Blessings of Guruji is always here & we want our Goddess to bless everyone.

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    नशे की लत छुड़ाने के उपाय

    How to get rid of Intoxications

    हमारे समाज में युवा पीढ़ी को नशे के ओर अग्रसर होते देख किसे दुःख नहीं होता | दुर्भाग्य से पिछले पांच सालों में यह बुराई बुरी तरह बढती जा रही है | कुछ लोग अपनी मर्जी से नशा करते हैं कुछ शोकिया होते हैं जो बाद में अपने आप को नशे की आग में झोंक देते हैं परन्तु कुछ कुसंगति ...

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    When will I get the job

    10th house of horoscope as karmesh

    In the present article I will talk about the topic of job according to astrology. In today‘s competitive world everyone is in search of a good job whether he/she is unemployed or wants to get a better job than the current one. It is a big issue for every youth. To answer the question when will I get the job ...

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    Mercury In first house of Horoscope

    If Mercury  is located in first house of horoscope then you will be very clever. No one can cheat you easily. You can judge anybody. Your judgment generally does not go wrong. According to Lal Kitab this first house is owned by Mars and Sun. This way mercury will not give you good effect but it depends on the Zodiac ...

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    Contribution based Horoscope Reading

    Ask your horoscope by email

    Horoscope reading is my passion and I have devoted myself entirely into this field. It gives me immense satisfaction when I see my predictions impacting the lives of people in a positive way. Horoscope reading requires a great deal of concentration as someone’s life is in question while making the prediction. I believe in manual reading and interpretation of someone’s ...

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