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Mercury Transit in Capricorn Feb 2018

Mercury’s Transit in Capricorn

On the night of 27th January,2018 mercury transited to Capricorn leaving Sagittarius behind. This transition is important for some zodiac signs.

Effect of Mercury’s Transit on Sagittarius

Let’s recognize the impact of the mercury transition. Mercury moves way fast it’s speed is equivalent to sun. every planet stays about a month in one zodiac. Thus, the effects related to this movement stays for the that period only. Last Month mercury was with Saturn and the unity of Saturn and mercury give birth to impotency, It is known for its passive nature. Thus, all Sagittarians were more or less docile and colorless. And now when mercury is leaving Sagittarius is giving a good signal to all the Sagittarians.

Effect of Mercury’s Transit on Capricorn

Transition of mercury into Capricorn is, residing in second house of Sagittarius, which brings monetary benefits to all Sagittarians. The next 24 days will bring financial advantages.

Effect of Mercury’s Transit on Libra

The good news for all the Librans is all the stuck up and delayed affairs will take a good speed towards fulfilment. And in next 24 days you will achieve success in your crucial endeavour.

Effect of Mercury’s Transit on Leo

For all the Leos, the consequent days can fetch goodwill. Because mercury’s movement helps in defeating enemies. Along with Leos who are trying to immigrate can get succeed in their mission.

Effect of Mercury’s Transit on Gemini

For all the Geminis, this mercury transit will bring favourable days. Because mercury is beneficial to eighth house. Geminis can expect financial benefits or monetary benefits. This mercury movement can gift you an important project in your business too.

Effect of Mercury’s Transit on Aries

For all the Aries, coming days considered to be fortunate for employment or an assignment. If in search of new job or expecting a promotion in a current job then these days can listen to your prayers and serve it. You can expect a sudden call which can bring fortune to you. A person sitting at a huge distance can bring you good news. Keep your expectation high for the all good n your life.


The reason to discuss this planetary movements is whenever there is a movement in galaxy it also brings about change in our lives. And people who acts continuously in favor of this planetary movements is bound get succeed. In this article we have discussed only those zodiacs, which has fair chances of benefits from this movement. We believe that this good and favorable period should be fully utilized to claim maximum fortune which can be done with our seamless and persistent efforts.

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