Marriage prediction with your boyfriend. Know What is in Your Horoscope?

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Marriage prediction with your boyfriend. Love Marriage in Astrology

Change in Modern girls

In modern times girls are educated and working in every field like boys. She is entirely self-reliant and takes all her decisions on her own. She is very different from the girls of olden times. She also likes to choose her life partner. She wants to marry the prince of her dreams only. But there is no doubt that dreams do not always come true. These days, girls of marriage age are curious to understand whether she will be successful in marrying her lover or not, and she seeks these answers from an astrologer.

In Vedic astrology, it is easy to predict whether a girl can marry her boyfriend or the boy she wants to marry. In the horoscope of girls, I am giving you the information in straightforward words about the planetary position that makes their love marriage possible.

Astrology, Love relationship and horoscope

If you believe in astrology and have even a little knowledge of astrology, you can find out by yourself whether my marriage with my lover will be possible or not.

In this article, you will find information about horoscopes, planets, and zodiac signs, which are responsible for the love relationship of girls in their horoscope. The first house or ascendant of a horoscope is the person’s personality. The fifth house shows love relations in life. The seventh house represents marriage. The eleventh house of the horoscope signifies desires and relationships.

Love marriage and planets

Marriage is considered in the horoscope of girls from Jupiter. Venus is regarded as a symbol of love. The Moon represents the mind. Mercury is a symbol of intelligence. Mars is a symbol of passion and aggression to complete any task. Rahu is a symbol of breaking social beliefs.

When all the above-mentioned planets and the fifth house & seventh house of the horoscope co-relates with each other than love marriage takes place.

Clear Astrological yoga of love marriage

1. If the lords of the fifth house & seventh house of the horoscope are under the sight and influence of their friendly planets, then the yoga of love marriage comes into existence. 

2. In the horoscope Melapak, if both the boy and the girl are getting thirty gunas, then also there is a clear yoga of love marriage.

3. If the lord of fifth and seventh place of the horoscope is sitting with their friendly planets or in their zodiac signs anywhere in the horoscope, then apparent marriages of love marriage are made.


Venus is a symbol of love. Marriage of any girl will be a love marriage or arranged marriage; this decision takes Venus. Because Venus is a symbol of happiness, a symbol of physical attraction. Venus is the symbol of true love in life, but inauspicious planets should not influence it. There should not be the sight of any malefic planet, cruel planet, and the sinful planet on Venus. Free from all kinds of inauspiciousness, Venus plays the leading role in getting love marriages in life. Free from all types of inauspiciousness, Venus makes the native full of attraction when it sits in the first house of the horoscope, in the fifth house, or the seventh house. She believes in making love. If this type of Venus is related to the fifth and seventh house, then love convert into marriage.

Mars and Moon

If Mars and Moon are in the fifth place of the horoscope, then love marriage will take place. They face obstacles in the path of their love marriage. However, no one can stop her love marriage.

Saturn and Rahu

So far, I have spoken about a love marriage with the influence of auspicious planets. However, one thing you should know that if there is a combination of any two friendly planets in the fifth place of the horoscope, then love marriage will happen. There is no doubt about it. It does not matter these planets are auspicious or inauspicious. Suppose if there is a combination of sinful planets like Saturn and Rahu in the fifth place of the horoscope, then love marriage is going to happen. Now how will be their love life that will be a different topic.


Jupiter is an auspicious planet. A right life partner is found when Jupiter is related to seventh place in the horoscope. One exciting thing about the position of Jupiter is that when it is auspicious, then the marriage will take place with the consent of the parents. You can choose your spouse yourself, and your parents will happily consent to your wedding with your lover.

Not happening of love marriage

1. The sixth house of the horoscope represents the enemy. If the lord of this sixth house has a relationship with the lord of the fifth and seventh place of the horoscope, then love marriage would not take place.

2. The twelfth place of the horoscope signifies separation and isolation. Along with this, being the eighth house from the fifth house, it marks the end of love. If this twelfth place or the lord of this place is related to the fifth house and the seventh house, then love marriage never happens.

3. If two mutual enemy planets sit in the fifth house of the horoscope, then love marriage does not occur.

4. If the lord of the fifth house of the horoscope is in the enemy’s zodiac sign, is debilitated, in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth house, then love relationship does not grow and if the connection is formed, it doesn’t go forward.

A lot has been written about love marriage, and this subject is so vast that even a book will fall short. Every case of love, marriage is different. If you are in a love affair with someone and want to get married, do not hesitate to contact us. I assure you that accurate information and sound advice will be given to you.


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