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Marriage Prediction by Dreams Astrology

Marriage Prediction by Dreams

When your marriage is near you might have such dreams that indicate your marriage is near. Get marriage prediction by dreams astrology. Also you can ask your dreams meaning in this post.

No one can deny the fact that if it is not cent percent but some dreams can be the predictor. If you see a lot of dreams and after wake up in the morning remember the same, then this article is for you I will tell you which dream can be considered as a pre-eminent indicator of marriage.

The dream, which gives the indication of wedding

There is definitely some meaning of dreams. In astrology or in our Vedic culture as well, dreams are given great importance, dreams are treated as auspicious and inauspicious.

In this post, I am going to tell you that if you are single or thinking about marriage, there are some dreams that give you prior information about your marriage or more explicitly make yoga.

Many times, before a significant event occurs, we feel through the dreams that something is going to happen. Let’s talk about some of the dreams that make golden yoga of marriage.

Wear a ring in the dream

If you wear a ring in a dream, then it means that soon you are going to get married. Take the same result of wearing garland in dreams, wearing bangles, wearing coats or buying ornaments.

The silver ring dream meaning is your engagement is near & gold ring dream meaning is your marriage will happen in near future. Diamond ring dream meaning has more good effect. You will be blessed by very caring partner in near future.

If you see a ring in dream & you are alone not near in future but after waiting some time you can expect your mariage.

Buying new clothes in the dream

If you are buying or wearing new clothes in the dream, then it also points to your marriage yoga.

Dreams about Make-Up

Doing make-up in dreams or applying kajal in eyes in dreams or using brushes in dreams have the deep meaning. If you find yourself makeup, decorate in a dream, then in the near future, you will get married. Whether you see lipstic or the make up material in the dream the same result you can expect if you are looking for marriage prediction.


Seeing God in the dream

If I see God in the dream what is the meaning & what will be the effect on my life. Will I be blessed? Let’s know.

Sometimes you see the God in the dream if you are single and are waiting for marriage and in such a way, if you see God in a dream, then understand that you are about to get married soon.

Flowers Dream Meaning

There are many types of flowers in the world. White flower, black flower, blue or red flower dream if you see what will be meaning let’s know. To see the bouquet, flower in the dream or see yourself smelling the flower in the dream is also an indication of getting married in the near future.

The elephant in the dream by astrology

It is very auspicious to see an elephant in your dreams as it forms a Laxmi yog. If you are young and searching your life partner and see the elephant in your dreams then it is a good sign for you. You may get good news about your wedding very soon. In case you are trying to find a job and see the elephant in your dreams then it is also an indication of the good and permanent job for you.

Horse riding in the dream

What will be the meaning of seeing a horse in the dream? Let me clear you that if you are unmarried dream of the horse has a deep meaning for you.

Horse riding in the dream is a clear indication of marriage for the male person. If a young unmarried person see himself horse riding in the dream then he may get married in the near future.

Priest or Pandit in the dream

Visiting Brahmin or Pandit or see them in the dream is also an indication that your wedding time is near. The same result will be said if you see the Priest of church or Muslim Priest in the dream.

If you are thinking about your marriage and you see such dreams then it is a sign that your relationship is going to be fixed soon or marriage is going to happen.

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