Marriage Prediction by date of birth

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Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

Recent research says accurate marriage age prediction by date of birth free online is possible only if you have your time of birth very accurate.

In this post, I am trying to explain how to interpret about estimated marriage time prediction & if you have your birth time accurate you will get to know the accurate marriage prediction by astrology rules. So when you are going to get engaged & getting married let’s know.

We shall talk on the above topics.

  • An estimate of marriage date prediction if you know your date of birth only.
  • The prediction of marriage by date of birth & time known.
  • The marriage prediction without date of birth.
  • The marriage prediction if you know your zodiac sign only.
  • Accurate marriage date prediction by name only.

Marriage Prediction if you know your date of birth

Marriage Prediction by date of birth

If you know your date of birth opens the Panchangam. You can take help from any software and astrology calculator of a planetary transit.  Fill the date of birth & determine the planets of that day when you born. Determine the Moon sign. Suppose you got the number 9 as Sagittarius. Now from Sagittarius 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th & 11th Jupiter interchange is estimate year of your marriage.  

For more accuracy & to know the month of your marriage, you must know the time of birth.

When will I get married by astrology?

Marriage prediction by date of birth & time

If you are aware of your date of birth time of birth & place of birth the accurate marriage prediction is not rocket science. Let’s continue with the above rule one step more.

Jupiter’s position can be for 13 months & to know your month of marriage you just need to take the help from the degrees of Jupiter & Venus because both are related to marriage. For a male the Venus & for female the marriage planet is Jupiter. At the time of marriage, both are required.

When this two planet would be on the same path by degrees or in front of each other or if they have aspect on each other, both are concerned in any manner that moment will be of your marriage. You will get married or get engaged in such planetary positions.

Marriage prediction without date of birth & time

Marriage Prediction if you don’t know your date of birth & time is possible with the help of palmistry. I am going to tell you a very simple rule of palmistry.

The red arrow shows the thin line crossing the line of fortune. This is the exact time when you will get married.

Take your handprints. Where the line of mind crosses the line of fate this is the age 35. The lower side of this cross there should be other very thin lines crossing the line of fortune. Measurement of this gap between line cross is the indication of marriage as per our experience.

These lines come in the palm just before six or eight months before & disappear after few months of marriage.

Get Free Marriage Prediction by date of birth online.

Accurate Marriage Prediction by Name

Yes, this is true. Marriage prediction by name is also possible because each & every letter of your name is related to a particular planet.

The characters of your name have the effect of some planets. When these particular planes & combination of these planet comes again into your life the marriage happens. This is another deep subject & difficult to explain in one article.

Take help of your astrologer to find your marriage prediction with or without date of birth & time or with the help of name numerology. You can contact us for your marriage prediction related questions using the form below.

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