Marriage Horoscope 2022 and 2023

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2022 Marriage Predictions

Sometimes the wait for marriage never ends. Are you waiting for your marriage or waiting for your sister’s wedding. Whether you are trying for your daughter’s marriage or your niece’s marriage, the only question is whether the marriage will happen in this year 2022 or not. If marriage does not happen this year, will there be marriage in 2023 or not? According to astrology, when will the marriage take place, our astrological calculations are presented for this.

Planets in 2022-23. The summary of planetary positions as per zodiac signs.

2022 for Marriage Happenings

In the year 2022, the months of March and April are going to prove to be important. Because not only Jupiter but also Rahu and Ketu will have to move out of their place. The planet Jupiter will move from its previous position while Rahu and Ketu will move backward by one place.

Rahu and Ketu are going to retreat.

Yes, on 13th April 2022, Rahu and Ketu will be in Aries and Libra and Jupiter will be in Pisces. Rahu and Ketu have changed zodiac in March and Taurus, Scorpio have moved from Aries to Libra.

What will be its effect on your marriage?

This change of planets will have a big impact on all those who are waiting for someone’s marriage like you. After all, when will the marriage happen, if this question is yours too, then Rahu and Ketu are giving information that something or the other will definitely happen. If the marriage is not there then the relationship will be confirmed and if it does not happen then at least your marriage can go ahead.

Let’s understand What is Rahu and Ketu’s Prediction about your marriage

Who will get married?

  • Gemini because Rahu is 11th in the place of your wishes.
  • Aquarius because Rahu is in the house of success.
  • Scorpio because Rahu is in the house of dominance.

Rahu is auspicious for Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio and even for Libra as well. Rahu gives sudden marriage so these zodiac signs can expect their marriage in the year 2022.

As per Ketu position in Libra who will get married?

  • Leo people will get married because Ketu aspect is on marriage house.
  • Sagittarius will have secret marriage because ketu aspect is from house of wishes.
  • Aries will get married because Ketu is 7th.

Rahu and Ketu gives secret marriage but it also depends upon your birth planets. In this regard you can opt for personalized marriage prediction here.

Jupiter is the lord of Auspicious occasion in life

Jupiter predicts about marriage in 2022 or not?

Yes its true, Jupiter gives auspicios occasions in life. This year is special because Jupiter will be in its own zodiac sign Pisces. In the own zodiac sign Jupiter feels happy and in happy position Jupiter gives happiness. Well this year Jupiter will be auspicious for the world.

Jupiter’s prediction is different from Rahu and Ketu and you will see in this calculations some contradictory points. We hope you can understand the more powerful planet will be the winner in predictions.

This happiness can be in shape of your marriage or engagement or at least you will be in relationship.

As per 12 Zodiac Signs here is the signs who will have chance of marriage in 2022.

  • Aries will have to wait for marriage till the starting of 2023.
  • Taurus will get married because Jupiter’s blessings are from 11th house the house of desires & fulfillment.
  • Gemini will have to wait for marriage because this is time of focus on job.
  • Cancer will get married because Jupiter aspect is a blessing on your relationship house the 5th.
  • Leo will have to wait till the July 2023 because Jupiter is making the way for you.
  • Virgo will get married because Jupiter is in its happy place, marriage place in horoscope.
  • Libra will need to wait as Jupiter is not going to help till September 2023.
  • Scorpio will get married easily because your partner will be in do or die situation.
  • Sagittarius will get married late till October 2023 because Jupiter is not good in 4th house.
  • Capricorn will be close to marriage but marriage will be in the year 2023 after July.
  • Aquarius will get married for sure becuase Jupiter position is 2nd, house of homely activities.
  • Pisces will be super busy this year because marriage is near.


The effect of auspicious and inauspicious planets falling on all the zodiac signs affects the main purpose of your life. If nothing is more important than marriage at this time, then believe that the sound of the upcoming planets says that your purpose is going to be fulfilled. Just your zodiac sign should be the same for whom the possibility of marriage has been told in 2022. If that gives you satisfaction then that’s okay otherwise you can order our personalized report for wedding.

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