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How will be my marriage by date of birth

How will be my Married Life

Married life is a base where two life’s are at stake. We analyze from Marriage Horoscope how the relations will be between husband and wife. Their bilateral differences not only destroy their own life but also the future of their children becomes gloomy. Regarding this matter let’s know about the planets, which affect our marital life.

Manglik Yog and conjugal

Manglik Yog is not that harmful as people believe it is. If Mars is in favorable position, If Mars rashi is Aries/Scorpio in 7th house, If Mars is exalted, Own Sign or own Nakshatra in 7th house, If Mars is strong in Navaansh chart then relations will be pleasant between couple.

Being a Manglik it is harmful if someone marry with non Manglik. If you are non Manglik, you should not marry with a Manglik person. If Saturn is also in 1,4,7,8,12 the Mars will not affect the married life. This is called partial Manglik. I think there is not harm if you are non Manglik and marry with a person who is  partial manglik.

Separative Planets in seventh house of horoscope

As per Indian astrology 7th house in horoscope is for spouse. Sun, Mercury & Rahu is known to be  separative planet. If two out of three planets are in 7th house then the possibility of divorce is around the corner. If Sun is in 7th house, in enemy zodiac sign or debilitated, the chances of separation will be always there.  Jupiter in women’s horoscope and Venus in men’s horoscope, are ruling planet for spouse.

If Jupiter is in 6th, 8th & 12th house in a women’s horoscope, she will not get the desired love & affection from husband. If malefic planets are also there, this will affect married life badly. If Venus is in 3rd, 6th, 8th & 10th house in native’s horoscope, the married life will be like hell.

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Debilitated Position of Seventh House Planet – Saptmesh

Saptmesh (the lord of seventh house in horoscope) is planet which decides your relations with your in-laws. If Saptmesh is strong then your in-laws will be strong as well.  If Saptmesh is debilitated or some planet is debilitated in seventh house then husband or wife is ought to be wretched minded. In this context please check if some favorable planet’s aspect is on Seventh house then the result can be less effective.

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There are also other factors which spoil the marital life but above mentioned reasons are largely effective.

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