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Mantra for debt relief

Are you in debt

Debt is a situation which once seizes never let a person live his life happily. If debt increases then the indebted person can even think of committing suicide. Debt or what we say in modern language Loan, whether it is for a short period of time , remains a debt. It is believed that if a person dies indebted, he will have to pay his debt in his next life. Whether this belief is true or not but still one should avoid taking Loans.

What you expect from astrologers in this context? Should you consult with a learned astrologer before taking loans or lending money or getting debited? The answer is YES ! Who will not wish that his debt get paid in a manner that he didn’t realize it at all. Who wishes to remain debtor through out his life ?

Debt yoga in your Kundali?

As per Indian astrology 11th house of Kundli is known as income house and 12th house is for expenditures. 2nd house is for earned money which you have in your house with yourself. When you get salary or you get money from your business then we link this with the 11th house of your kundli. God has given 2 houses for wealth and 1 for expenditures. Still we spend more than we earn. The reason is obvious that your 12th house is stronger than the other 2 houses. If 11th and the owner of 2nd house is weaker then 12th house then the debt situation arises. If you have a planet in your 2nd & 11th house and more than one planet are there in your 12th house then you will have to take loan even if you possess lot of money. If any planet is in worst position in your 12th house then the person will be miser. These types of persons never inclined by taking loans.

Loan as per astrology – Appropriate Time

Avoid taking Loan whether you are wealthy or poor. Still if situation comes where you have to take loan then at least get checked up by astrologer that how long  time period of owner of the 12th house is. And also check the conditions currently running. If state of Dwadshesh is not there then the person hardly needs a loan. Other aspects are also there in kundli which makes a person to take loan but Mahadasha is the only time which continues for a long time like debt. So take loan on a day when there is not Amrit siddhi Yog, Ravi YogPushya Nakshtra. In this regard take help of a Learned Astrologer. He is the best person to tell you whether it is  right time to take loan or not.

What to do to pay back Loan.

There is a tried & tested method which will help you come out of this condition. Those who have used it not only they get rid of their loan but also become wealthy. You only need to faith, regard and dedication. Ganesh ji is known to be a trouble shooter. Only with the blessings of Ganesh ji, you can get rid of this condition of debt.

Ganesh Mantra for Debt Relief

Sit in front of Ganesh ji’s idol/photo on any Tuesday with full devotion. After worship with incense stick & lamp, take water in your hand and pledge. For 40 days, six months or the period of your loan, chant below Ganesh mantra daily 3 rosary for 1 month.

Aum ganesha rinam chindi chindi varenyam hun namah phat.

For correct pronunciation please follow the video.

Keep ablaze lamp when you recite this mantra and don’t tell anybody about this mantra till you complete this period. You will start feeling hopeful within 15 days.

Jai Shree Ram !

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