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Health – Mantra for Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is very common these days. The only planet responsible for blood pressure is Rahu. You can prevent yourself with the mantras quickly. The spell being listed below for blood pressure.


This is a powerful mantra. This normalize your mind. You would not be able to think negative. You will feel a the peace. You will forget worries & troubles. If you have trust for Indian Astrology & Mantras, you will get 100% benefit of this mantra. Start right away & feel the power of this mantra.

How to use this mantra?
Use this mantra as much as you can. If you don’t have enough time, read it 108 times anywhere, anytime you feel free, but you must have trust & devotion.
When you feel blood pressure, start this spell right away. You will feel your blood pressure is becoming normal.

If you use this mantra 108 X 7 = 756 times a day, after 40 days you will feel there is no need of medicine but we do not want to say leave medicine. Use this mantra & feel its power yourself.

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