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Mars & Manglik Yog in Horoscope

In this post I will explain some basics about Mars, its nature and Manglik Yog. When Mars position in kundali / horoscope is in 1st house of horoscope, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house, it is manglik yog. When Saturn is also in the above places, this is Manglik bhang yog and not non manglik yog. Manglik Yog and Mars are  connected to each other. But if you there is paradox between astrologers about it. If you want to know about your manglik yog please send me your birth details  through the comment box at the bottom of this post.

See the image below. If your mars is in one of the same house of horoscope this is manglik yog and if saturn is also there, then it is manglik bhang yog.

Manglik yog in horoscope

Mars Conjunction with other planets

According to Indian Astrology Mars/Mangal is known to be son of Earth. Mars has a very important place among Planets. Mars exists in our blood. Who are associated with sports like WrestlingCricket & Boxing comes under the effect of Mars. High Rank Officers in ArmyPolice or Surgeon etc. are also under the effects of Mars. If Mars happens to be with Shani then the person will become a Doctor & if Mars is strong then the person will become a successful Doctor(Surgeon). If Shani is strong then both will make a person live his living related to prison/jail. In this context much is depend in which Nakshatra Shani & Mars is, or how much part is there, or how strong they are or who is more strong between both of them. Mars & Shani is known to be enemy for each other. But if they both are sitting in any house of janam kundli they make lots of opportunities good & bad as well. If both are sitting together then even if Manglik Yog is there its effects will be less. But still this Jaatak/Jaatika must marriage with a Manglik only.

Rahu & Mars both makes a person Detective. If Mars is more strong then person will surely become a successful Detective or will serve in a Detective Agency. In a condition where Rahu is more strong then Mars with the help of Rahu makes a person work in a Gambling profession, Wine shop or Ammunition Factory. This type of person will be a TraitorTerroristThiefInformer, Hypocrite or a Murderer.

Chandra & Mangal together makes a person Navy Officer but it needs Mars to be strong & Chandra in favorable Rashi. Because Chandra represents Water & Mars represents Army. If a person become something with the help of both of this then being mars strong makes a person work in Navy or if Chandra is strong the a person will make his living in Ships. He can be a Scientist in Laboratory(if Mars is more strong) or will be a Doctor in Blood-Bank.

Budh & Mars together makes a person Thug or a Theif. This needs Budh to be more strong. If Rauh is also contributing in this Yog then this person will surely be a chief of thugs or theifs. Because Budh is known to be for Cleverness and if he gets support of Mars power (both of these are bilateral enemies) so both makes a bad impact on the kundli and Rahu works like a Ghee in Fire. This makes a negative impact and affacted person tends to become a threat to society.

Jupiter and Mars together makes a person work as a trainer in ArmyJupiter is a Teacher, his nature is to teach. In Jupiter Mars Yog if Jupiter is strong then the person remains on a high post working in a army or police. The post of Gazetted officer is also Jupiters contribution.

Ketu Mars together makes a person live his living if Fire Department.

Sun Mars together makes a person Bone specialist Doctor.


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