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Life takes a new turn whenever the Mahadasha (Period of Planet) of any planet start. Some get married at the beginning of the Mahadasha, some either get the job or get promotion in the job. Some people receive the gift of God in the shape of progeny at the beginning of Mahadasha. I personally know the people who got the success in reaching Abroad at the beginning of Mahadasha and on the other hand some people return from Abroad after a long gap of time during the Mahadasha of planet. Some people get name & fame while some becomes infamous and gets defame. You will experience some important things when a new Mahadasha start in your life as per the astrological calculations.

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So check your Mahadasha in your horoscope for the occurrence of a big change in your life. On the basis of Vinshotri Dasha you will come to know the probable happening of events & incidents in your life.

Let us come to know what the Mahadasha is.

Mahadasha an introduction

The birth chart in the Horoscope is a table of planetary situation at the time of the birth of Native. On the basis of birth chart the astrologers predicts but if you want to know the probable time of happening of events & incidents then you will have to check the Vinshontri Dasha. Full Vinshontri Dasha consists of 120 Years. Vedic Astrology has fixed the man’s age 120 Years. In the Vinshontri Dasha these 120 Years has been divided into the nine planets as follows:-

  1. Sun – 6 Years
  2. Moon – 10 Years
  3. Mars – 7 Years
  4. Rahu – 18 Years
  5. Jupiter – 16 Years
  6. Saturn – 19 Years
  7. Mercury – 17 Years
  8. Ketu – 7 Years
  9. Venus – 20 Years

Mahadasha further consists of Antardasha and Antardasha (sub period) further consists of Pratyantar dasha (Semi Sub Period).

Antardasha in Mahadasha

You will find out the details of Antardasha in the Vinshontri Mahadasha table. Now come to Mahadasha. The minimum duration of Mahadasha is 06 years allotted to planet Sun and the maximum duration of Mahadasha is 20 years allotted to Venus. I firmly tell you that let the Mahadasha of any planet but when it comes to end it bring the big changes in the life of Native. In other words, the end of Mahadasha will always give something to Native.

What happen in the Mahadasha?

There is no doubt that you will be blessed with some or the other achievement at the end of Mahadasha of any planet in your life. One important thing I want to bring into your notice that no planet whether it is good or bad causes neither completely good nor bad outcomes. The planet may be combust, exalted, debilitated, auspicious, inauspicious, may be situated in friendly zodiac sign, enemy zodiac sign, it may give you mix results both auspicious & inauspicious at the same time.

The reason behind this concept is that the Mahadasha is consists of Antardasha & Pratyantar dasha of other planets also. For example:- Sun is allotted six years in the Mahadasha but this six years is divided into all nine planet. It means the whole duration is not blessed by the Sun but other planets will also show their impact on the Native.

It is also seen that all your efforts, deeds will bring the change in the next Mahadasha. The old saying “Time never remains the same” seems true in this context. In the Mahadasha of any planet whether it is malefic planet or benefic the whole duration will not completely good or completely bad. But the Native has to face hardships, really very bad time he spends when the Antardasha of Malefic planet comes in the Mahadasha of malefic planet. In the below given picture the Antardasha of Ketu, Mars & Saturn in the Mahadasha of Rahu is shown. All these are the malefic planet. The collective effect of this situation was that the Native received the foot injury during the Ketu Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha and he faced the hardships for ten months. During the Saturn Antardasha his mother and Uncle left him forever. Again in the Mars Antardasha he received the property loss.


One table in the Horoscope can tells you the date of occurrence of any particular events. From the perusal of the past events of the Native’s life you can come to know the responsible planet for the important & particular events. And easily predicts the possible time for the future events. Every astrologer predicts the future events on the basis of Vinshontri Dasha. That’s why so much importance has been given to Mahadasha. If you have some knowledge of astrology you can yourself come to know the rough estimate for the particular events & incidents.

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