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Love is Not Enough for a Healthy Marriage. Astrology Matters

Love is Not Enough for a Healthy Marriage. Astrology Matters

It is cent-per cent true that love is not enough for a healthy marriage. First of all, we must understand why the provision of marriage is made. Nature created male & female so that the reproduction may carry on. Marriage has been arranged in society to give it an orderly shape.

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But as we know that human beings are completely different from other species. Human beings also do other functions besides eating and drinking, reproduction. Can speak, also thinks. Reveals his feelings. Therefore, in a healthy marriage, other things besides love are needed.

Here we are talking about a healthy marriage. So apart from love in Healthy Marriage, I am going to tell you about other things, which are required. Which is as follows: –

The three necessities of life are bread, clothes and houses. When we fulfilled our basic requirements easily and successfully. Then we start to think about Love otherwise Love’s number comes in the last. Life does not go with only by love. It is like meeting people in society. One has to think about the well-being of the needy. Have to think about our country. One has to think about his business.

Attraction and love for the opposite sex remain for some time. After some time of marriage, they spend their full time in love. When love becomes the routine then their requirements shift from love to other things. For a healthy marriage, it is necessary to have a child on time. I mean to say that it is very important for a healthy marriage to have progeny on time other than love. Otherwise, only love become a useless activity for them.

Good Speech – For a healthy marriage, the husband and wife should have love among themselves. You should listen and talk to each other lovingly. If one of the husband and wife does not speak well with his other partner always speaks bitter words then the marriage is not going to be healthy or you can say that marriage will not be successful.

Art of Culinary – It is said that the path of love in the heart goes through the stomach. Therefore, if the wife feeds her husband by making a good type of dishes, then the husband will love her and healthy marriage will remain.

Keeping clean – For a healthy marriage, it is necessary that the wife takes care of cleanliness in the house. All things stay orderly. Apart from this, both husband and wife should take care of each other’s needs. If these things are taken care of then the marriage will remain healthy.

I have said earlier that a human is a social being, he is different from other animals. Apart from eating and drinking, other things also go on in his life, love goes on, quarrel goes on. So a healthy marriage requires all these things to be adjusted properly.

Role of astrology – Now the question arises what is the role of astrology in this subject. Astrology has a role in this topic of matching horoscopes. I strongly say that never take decisions like marriage without matching horoscopes. If you match a horoscope, you will be told in detail that there will be love between husband and wife. Would be a good child. They will carry out their social duties successfully. You will earn money by doing a job or business and will live life well. There will be no conflict among themselves, there will be no fight. With the help of astrology, you will know all these things.

Conclusion – Finally, I can say that love cannot be denied for a healthy marriage. The place of love is supreme but this place will remain at the top only when the things mentioned above are also taken care of. If you are planning a marriage, then my advice is not to take this decision without matching the horoscope. If you want to contact me in this regard, do not hesitate.