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Love Horoscope Scorpio

My dear Scorpio, you are a confused soul. Your love horoscope says there are just two ways for you this year – when you meet someone interesting, you will either want to marry the person or you will want to be good friends. You will not settle for anything in between. However, you will be very active sexually and it will be the talk of the town. You will opt for short-lived affairs, but most will not last till the end of 2018. So, the stars warn you to choose wisely and opt for a long-term relationship that makes you and your partner happy.

If you are married, you will continue to stay blissfully happy in 2018. You will involve your spouse in your social interactions that will make them very happy. They will show you this happiness in numerous ways to keep your marriage going strong. The planet influences mean that your marriage will be happy and stable in 2018. So, don’t worry!

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