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Leo Love Horoscope Predictions 2019

Love Horoscope Leo 2019

Leos should be prepared for major changes in their love life in 2019. This is because Uranus is in your House of Love and Romance. The stars say that Leos will experience love at first sight. You will not know when and with whom you fall in love with.

The truth will sink in only after it happens and this will cause a little confusion as you are not one for love at first sight. However, once you realize the true depth of your feelings, you will go with the flow and accept your feelings.

 Leos will experience trouble in love

Following a time of development and troublesome advances in affection, Leo, you’re prepared to begin off 2019 with a noteworthy burst of excitement and good faith about existence, love, and the quest for your satisfaction.

As you should – you are a sign normally associated with these zones and ought to dependably endeavor to radiate your natural warmth, imperativeness, and inventive soul in the most liberal way that could be available. In 2019 that will be very normal for you to do thanks to some degree to Jupiter’s assistance. The planet of extension and plenitude will visit the region of your diagram that is normally adjusted to your vitality in the zodiac – the fifth house. This is where all joy is conceived. Truth be told, it is where life is conceived, so on the off chance that you are joyfully coupled as of now as the year starts, you and your sweetheart may be very occupied in the infant making office. You may as of now be anticipating a kid!

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