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Love Horoscope Leo 2017-18

Love Horoscope Leo 2017-18

Leos should be prepared for major changes in their love life in 2017. This is because Uranus is in your House of Love and Romance. The stars say that Leos will experience love at first sight. You will not know when and with whom you fall in love with. The truth will sink in only after it happens and this will cause a little confusion as you are not one for love at first sight. However, once you realize the true depth of your feelings, you will go with the flow and accept your feelings.

 Leos will experience love at first sight

If you are a married Leo, your life will be filled with joy, happiness and passion. You will go out of your way to pamper your spouse and create an atmosphere that promotes intimacy and passion. This said, do keep control over your temper and unpredictability. Otherwise, your relationship will breakup, causing you immense pain, warn the stars.

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