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Life Partner's Prediction

Life partner’s Prediction by Horoscope India

Astrology has a lot of ways to analyze all about your partner & life partner’s prediction is quite possible. Your horoscope is the key. Let’s know how.

Getting married is everyone’s dream and knowing about your spouse with his/her nature is always an important checkpoint.

Life Partner's Prediction by Horoscope India Astrologer Ashok Prajapati
Life Partner;s Prediction by Horoscope India Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

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Marriage is an essential aspect of one’s life that is known to be in the middle period. Marrying someone whom you have never seen or met always fills your mind with nervousness. We all want that we should get a nice wife/husband who cares for us and respects us in all the decisions.

When will I get married and to whom

Many of us already have a partner whom we like and want that person to become our life partner too. If we get the right partner, we will cherish our life with him/her. When we are in a relationship before getting married, we love the person and want him/her to be part of our lives forever.

The only way to get rid of this curiosity is by thoroughly analyzing the horoscopes. The seventh house of horoscope is known as the house of marriage, whereas the lord of this house represents one’s spouse.

Life partner's prediction by Sudarshan Chakra
Sudarshan Chakra

One’s Kundli does explain all such aspects where one can get to know about his/her partner. These aspects include a partner’s features, financial status, nature, compatibility, etc. Do you also have someone important in your life whom you love and want him/her to be your life-partner? If yes, then you can get a horoscope reading from us where we provide accurate horoscope readings.

D9 Chart for life partner’s predictions

We can read one’s horoscope and check if the person you love is the same person who will be your life partner. By looking at the D9 chart in one’s horoscope, we can easily check how will be our marriage partner. His habits – Good or bad, profession – marketing or technical, etc., weaknesses- if any can be understood by reading this chart. When we do match-making, we review both the horoscopes and understand if the qualities of a husband match the horoscope of wife and vice-versa. These qualities are essential and determine whether the marriage will take place or not. While reading the horoscope one should combine all the required parameters to analyze and understand the outcome of the result.

Only after matching the horoscope nicely, we get to know if the couple should marry each other or not. Thus, we always recommend doing a detailed analysis of the horoscope before marrying. When all of us try to do match-making, we believe that “Gun Milan” is the only method to judge the compatibility of a couple, whereas it is not always mandatory. Yes, you read that right. “Gun-Milan” is not still necessary when the horoscope matches with these qualities.

Let’s say an Example

If A has qualities of B in his horoscope and B has qualities of A in her horoscope, we call it a match, and that is the resultant of a successful marriage. If the conditions are not present, it may lead to separation or unhappiness in the marriage. These qualities are facial features, nature, profession, or financial status of B.

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