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Libra Horoscope Marriage Horoscope Year 2021-22 – Libra Marriage Yog

In the month of December, Jupiter of Libra zodiac is sitting in the fifth, so there are possibilities of marriage. If you make efforts in January-February, conditions can be created for marriage. Even if you are making efforts for the marriage of your son or daughter, there is a favorable environment for marriage by the grace of Jupiter. The planetary position at this time is favorable for Libra.

The marriage prediction for Libra is favorable till April 15. After April 15, there will be a difference in the specifications. Rahu and Ketu will influence the seventh house of the horoscope, so marriage related matters will get complicated. There will be dryness in the relationship. Libra sign people who are not yet in any kind of love relationship can expect a new relationship after 15th April. If new love relationships are established, then old relationships can also end. The planetary position for marriage has now changed. So those who want to get married before 15th April is a good time.

This horoscope is of May 15, in which apart from Rahu Ketu, Saturn is in effect on the seventh house of Libra. There is a possibility of trouble in the marriage of some Libra people. The existing differences are now pointing towards the end of the relationship. New equations will start forming in love relationships. Libra people should not take any decision related to marriage at this time.

On July 2, the sight of Saturn will move away from the seventh house and Libra sign people can now start marriage related conversations.

In the month of August, Mars will come in the eighth house of your horoscope and will remain in the eighth house of the horoscope throughout the year. This position is unfavorable for marriage and auspicious ceremony etc.

Shani will remain in the fourth house of the horoscope, which does not cooperate in the prediction related to marriage, so Shani has no fruit in this context.


Libra Love Marriage Yoga 2022

Those people of Libra zodiac will be lucky who have come in a new relation. If your love affair is made after April then you can expect marriage anytime this year. Everything will happen suddenly. Love relations will become intimate and you can take the matter forward for marriage. All matters related to love marriage will be successful and what you did not expect is also possible in this year.

So this was the marriage prediction for Libra. Those who are not married yet can know their future by this horoscope. If you need more accurate prediction you can contact us.

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