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Leo Marriage Prediction Year 2021-22- Leo Marriage Yog

In this post we are giving you marriage predictions for Leo zodiac sign and auspicious time for marriage. If you have Leo sign and you are waiting for marriage, then in this post you will get to know how the planetary position is on Leo and what is the future according to marriage in the coming year. If we look at the planetary position at the present time, then at this time Jupiter is giving auspicious signs for you, at this time Jupiter is moving in Aquarius. Due to the effect of Jupiter on the seventh house, you are expected to get good relationships. In this time, it will be a little difficult for you to choose one of the best relationships. Still, if you want to get married after seeing the auspicious time of January or February, then it will be auspicious. Even in the month of March and April your marriage can be fixed. Planetary Yoga’s are looking good.


When Jupiter is in the seventh house of the horoscope, then good news is received from all around, auspicious ceremonies keep happening in the house. Friends, friends and relatives help. There is money gain and good support from life partners. All this must be happening to you too.

Jupiter is auspicious till April 13.

This transiting fruit of Jupiter is currently auspicious for you, till the middle of April next year, Jupiter will continue to give you happiness and good news. After April 13, the ridiculed husband will enter Pisces. Jupiter will be in the eighth house of your horoscope, at that time expenses will increase. Useless activities will be spent. Whatever you buy during this time will cost more. If you have an idea to buy property, vehicle etc., then do this work before April.


From the point of view of the marriage ceremony, the time before April is good, after that you will not have the opportunity.


Sixth Shani and Marriage Yoga

Saturn is sitting in the sixth house of the horoscope, so there will be completeness in your works, it will complete your tasks. There are chances of getting good news related to marriage, the transit of Saturn is very auspicious for Leo, if you get married this year or next year in the year 2022, then there are chances of getting a good life partner. Saturn will help you in this. The grace of Shani will remain on you throughout the year, but between April 29 and July 2, you should not take any major decision related to marriage because at this time the auspicious sight of Shani will be at home along with the horoscope, but this is a very short time. If you confirm a relationship, there are chances of it getting canceled in future.


Rahu, Ketu and Marriage Prediction for Leo

If you have Leo, Rahu and Ketu are not interfering in marriage and marriage related matters at this time. After April 11, Rahu will be sitting in the ninth house of the horoscope, at that time some such proposal will come for you which you will not be able to ignore. The love relations formed after April 11, 2022 will surprise you. The work of Rahu and Ketu is surprising.


Rahu and Ketu will help Leo people in love-related matters after April 11, if you are already having a conversation at some place, then suddenly a marriage program can also be made. This means that if you are already in a relationship, whether it is a live-in relationship or a normal love relationship, in the year 2022, after April 11, the sum of marriage can be made for this. Keep the wedding preparations complete from your side if you already have a love affair. On the contrary, if estrangement arises in your love relationship after April 11, then you should keep this in mind that long-standing love relations may also collapse.


The conclusion is that if you have a Leo zodiac sign and are thinking of getting married, then in this year, marriage yoga is being formed by Jupiter till the month of April, after April, it is a good time for those who are in love affairs. If you get married this year, then Saturn can give you a good life partner. You should keep the wedding preparations complete from your side.

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