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Lagna or Ascendant

Lagna or Ascendant

Birth Ascendant has a special place in the Birth Chart of a person. Some planets seen on this place of birth ascendant results in producing bad effects for a person. Planets facing at this place also effects a person’s life. This place of Birth Chart decides the character of a person. A person’s impression on others, his personality, his self-esteem and his nature all will be known by this place of his Birth Chart.


Any experienced astrologer can predict about your personality by studying this place of your Birth Chart and an astrologer is the only one who truly understands the importance of birth ascendant.The respect you will get in this life and even your facial appearance will be determined by this place of your Birth Chart. Some Planets which will create a bad impact on your life will be seen on your Birth Ascendant like Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Sun and Ketu (the mysterious planet). Birth Ascendant can even reveal minute details aboutyour personality. For example if Rahu (Read all about Rahu) is on your Birth Ascendant then it will be difficult for you to abide by the promises you make. If this situation is found in the Prashna Lagna then the person can lie for his own benefit and that person can even go to extremes in this situation. People of this kind are experts in planning, plotting and conspiring. If Rahu is accompanied by Mercuryon the Birth Ascendant then that person will be someone who can cheat anybody for his selfish desires. .

If Rahu is found in the Fifth House of your partner’s Birth Chartthen youshould be aware of your partner and you shouldn’t trust his/her words very easily. However lots of marriage do take place when Rahu is found in the Fifth House but its effect is only realized after the marriage. The person finds that the partner is suffering with severeheadaches or there is some disease related to the head. Even if Saturn is favorable; it still gives worries. Mars results in making the person short-tempered but that person is hard working too.


Jupiter affects in making a person religious. That person will do lots of charity work and donate extensively for others. Venus will not only affect a person by increasing his/her lust but it will also make that person yearn for love. However it will also provide popularity and a happy married life. Click here to read more about Shukra or Venus.


Moon affects by giving steadiness in nature. A person’s life will be full of ups & downs and that person will travel a lot. A detailed analysis of Birth Chart is necessary where other details are considered too but the importance of Birth Ascendant can’t be overlooked as it has a deep impact on the life of a person.Read more about moon.

If Sun isfacing the ascendant then the person’s married life will not be happy.


I hope you have liked reading this article and understood the importance of Birth Ascendant in the Birth Chart of a person.

jai shree Ram !


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