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Jupiter Transits in Sagittarius 2020: What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Jupiter is counted among one of the positive and rewarding planets in astrology. It is said to bless the native with good luck, fortune, money and happiness in life. Jupiter is beneficial in key areas of life, including promotion, education, higher learning and business.

On 5th November 2019, Jupiter moved into Sagittarius sign. And this transition is considered auspicious from an astrological viewpoint. It means that the transition favours business affairs, foreign travel and religious activities. The transition can be rewarding as Jupiter is travelling in its sign, Sagittarius. In other words, the combination of Sagittarius and Jupiter is amazing as one stands for intensity, growth and prosperity while other rules determination and “goal achieving” ability.

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Jupiter remained in the Sagittarius sign till 29th March 2020 before entering the Capricorn from 30th March 2020. On June 30th, Jupiter again transited in Sagittarius sign and will remain there till November 20th 2020.
While the transition of Jupiter in Sagittarius is an auspicious sign, it is important to know its effects on various zodiac signs. Here is a detail…

Effects on Aries:

Jupiter will get into your 9th house, meaning you are going to have a wealth of opportunities possibilities. The transit will lead to success in job and business. You will enjoy a good family life. You feel more confident as well as an improvement in your personality as Jupiter entered the 9th house.

Effects on Taurus:

Unlike Aries, Taurus natives might not see resounding benefits of Jupiter’s transition into Sagittarius. They might feel hyperactive, uncomfortable and restless during this transit period. Top of that, there is a risk of serious health issues. Be more careful as there is also the possibility of accidents. The good thing is that you are destined to get an unexpected source of income or multiple financial gains during this period. But that’s not the right time to make big investments. Visiting holy places and worship your “Kuldevta” can help.

Effects on Gemini:

Gemini natives are going to have a good time! Jupiter will move into the 7th house that stands for marriage. An extremely good sign for bachelors! As an added bonus, married people can be blessed with a child. There is also a big possibility of financial gain as well as promotions and perks. While your family life will be good and peaceful, you will say goodbye to past troubles and hindrances.

Effects on Cancer:

The transition of Jupiter can bring mixed results for Cancer natives. Stay away from controversies, troublemakers, and gossip mongers. Instead, put your efforts to take your career to new heights. Don’t trust anyone blindly. The movement of Jupiter can affect your married life with routine confrontations and silly arguments. Unnecessary expenses are other things to deal with.

Effects on Leo:

The movement of Jupiter is positive for Leo natives. Jupiter will get into the 5th house that stands for creativity and education. Therefore, students can achieve academic goals, recognition and admissions in desired institutions. Professionals can see perks and promotions. There will be a gain in your social and financial status. Family life will remain good and married Leo natives can expand their families.

Effects on Virgo:

Virgos are likely to see positives as Jupiter moved to their 4th house. It is the time to enjoy progress in your professional life, whether its business, increment, income, job or transfer. You are going to be rewarded for your hard work. You will enjoy peaceful family life.

Effects on Libra:

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign will benefit Libra natives. It is a good sign for their creative skills and energy level. As Jupiter occupies the 3rd house, Libra natives are going to achieve rewards, appreciation and laurels in their profession. You have a great possibility of travelling. The transition is also indicating towards financial gain in their destiny.

Effects on Scorpio:

Jupiter will get into the 2nd house of Scorpio which stands for wealth and family. It simply means that Scorpio natives can see gains in their wealth and enormous profits from their investment.

Effects on Sagittarius:

The transition of Sagittarius in the 1st house means that you can manage the things. For example, this is a good sign of restoring your glory and reputation. After all, Jupiter has moved into your own sign. Sagittarius people will remain smart and optimistic in their efforts and approach. There is a hint of a happy family life. And it would be not wrong to say that prosperity will follow you. Sagittarius natives can get married or have a baby. Promotions and success are awaiting you.

Effects on Capricorn:

Capricorn native should be careful about your expenses to be done on travel and treatment. After all, the Jupiter transit happens in the 12th house of this zodiac sign. Have patience and control your emotions when it comes to personal and financial decisions.

Effects on Aquarius:

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius is utter rewarding for the Aquarius natives. Jupiter will move to the 11th house of this zodiac sign, favouring them in every aspect of life. The 11th house stands for gains, profits and self-earned wealth, therefore, professionals can see success, rewards, promotions and recognition for their hard work and commitment. Your romantic life would be amazing. Childbirth and financial gains are also on the way.

Effects on Pisces:

Pisces natives can see some big achievements in their profession as Jupiter has got into their 10th house that rules karma and career. This is a good indicator of your career and wealth. You can fulfil your dreams. Although you will have an amazing professional life, you might see some troubles in your family life.

So these are the effects of Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius on all zodiac signs in 2020. What do you think? Please let us know.