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Job in Horoscope

If you are looking for job change or if you are jobless you can look into your horoscope to check when you will get the job. For this just open your horoscope and look in the tenth house what is the number. This number is basically a key zodiac sign whose lord will be responsible for your success in job. If the lord of 10th house is in good position in horoscope, you will have good career. The planets in 10th house indicates the number of different jobs you will do in your life time.

The lord of 10th house plays a vital role to give you the satisfaction in job. If the lord of 10th house is with Saturn, you will never have satisfaction from your job. You will always look for better job. Your performance will also not good.

Horoscope of an engineer

If the lord of 10th house situated in 12th you will always have obstacles in job. If the lord of 10th house is situated with Rahu, you will have ups & downs in your career. If the lord of 10th house is stronger than any other planet you will be a successful businessman.

Other than that the Dreshkon Chakra is the key to look for what kind of job you will have in your life. Whether you will get government job or private. The more planets in the 1,4,7,10 house of Dreshkon indicates more jobs you will change in your life time. I mean the maximum number of fields you will apply to settle in career.

Government Job in Kundali

If you have questions you can feel free to send your details using the comment box below. If you like this post, you will get answer soon.


  1. Harshal999
    sir will i try for gov job will i get it if when will get

  2. Hello sir
    Name tejasvi
    D o b 10/02/1992
    Place of birth bangalore
    Time of birth 8 am

    I have completed my bbm degree last year n stil l have not got a job .. I was trying for job in banks I have written many banking exams but could not clear any so plz let me know when wil I get a good job .. is there a chance of getting a gov job..

    Plz do reply.. thank you

  3. thanks guruji can please tell me at what age n year wil i get govt job please me waiting for your reply

  4. name:kiran ;gender:male;dob:25-06-1987 place of birth: vijayawada; sir me try for govt job wil i get it ? if getting means state or central govt job please analysis horoscope and reply me thanking you waiting for ur reply

  5. Name: Kishore Das
    Gender: M
    DOB: 17/10/1978
    Time: 04.15am
    Place: Shillong, Meghalaya

    On March 2013 i lost my job and currently i am in search for another one. Till date no luck in spite of trying hard. I just want to know when’ll i get another job and how will my luck favor me. Please do reply

  6. Pranam Guru ji
    Please tell me about my career future , I don’t have satisfaction with my current job ,Right time to change my job or wait for some time?
    Date of birth – 04/05/1980
    Time – 9:19 am
    Place – Sangli Maharashtra

  7. Sir Ji plz tell me that will I get visa and get chance to go to abroad. If yes then when in which month and when is my visa is going to approved. My details are :-
    Name : ashish
    Dob: 11th oct 1982
    Time: 10:00am
    Place : hissar( Haryana) near delhi

  8. Sir pls tell can i get govt job my details:
    name-ms kawaljeet kaur saluja
    dob-1 sep 1986
    time:3:15 am

  9. Pranam guruji….my self Subhasish
    Tob-21:50 or 09:50 pm
    I completed my b.tech in 2011 & i faced a lot of problems till now.i joined a private software company in aug 2012 which is a fraud one.so l leaved that company and gave m.tech exam in kiit Bhubaneswar Orissa and joined m.tech this year.my classes will start in July 2013.

    So,i kindly request u guruji tell me ……how is my future job and marriage life…….? Can i get govt. Job like PSUs,banking sectors or others private sector or lectureship ?….

    • The planetary positions in your horoscope is not good. Your Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus are at great places but Sun, Jupiter Raahu conjunction is making your life difficult. But keep patience, you have to go abroad and you will rise. Your good time will be after May 2015 when you will be completely satisfied from your life. Use the mantra of Mars daily and you will see change in your life.

  10. satyaprakashpanda

    sir please tell me can i get a govt job.
    my details
    name- satyaprakash panda
    time-05:33:00 Pm

  11. My name kawaljeet kaur saluja dob 1 sep 1986 time 3:15 am place bareilly will i will be able to get government job and manage to do it

  12. Pram. My dob is 12-10-1984 @5.40am in jammu can i get govt job i hv no earning wl i ever earn my own Money

  13. Hello Sir,
    My name is Savithri
    D.O.B : 2-3-1990
    Time of birth : 7:05 PM
    Place of Birth : Palghat, kerala, India
    Kindly tell me when will I get into a government sector job? I have been trying to get into one. Please do reply

  14. Pranam Guru ji

    plz tell me about my career future , i don’t have satisfaction with my current job , although it is a government job ?

    dt of birth – 01/09/1981
    time – 19:12 pm
    place – Gwalior ( Madhya pradesh )

    thank you

    • I would not suggest you to change your job this time. According to your kundli your bad time is about to come, then you will need your job. What I can do is to give you a mantra so that you can rise in your current job and get more opportunities.

  15. i want to know whether i will have love marriage or arrange marriage.
    my details are-
    name- heena
    d.o.b- 2 april 1991
    t.o.b- 12:20 pm
    place of birth- new delhi, india

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