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Intuition in astrology

Intuition is a phenomenon of the mind where one can sense the things which are going to happen in future. There is no analytical reasoning behind an intuition as it’s instinctive in nature.This happens to those whose Ascendant in the Birth Chart is badly affected by Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu. If we assume Saturn is the reason of incidents then Jupiter is the knowledge we anticipate in the form of an intuition. A person can have an intuition in the form of dreams or while he/she is in a deep thought. Someone can have an intuition instinctively too where a person is neither asleep nor in a deep thought. Specific movements of animals and birdscan also be a hint for an intuition. Even if we manage to understand the intuition we cannot avoid it but we can remain alert and prepare in advance.

We need to follow the signs which indicatefuture happenings. It is not possible to write each and every sign as there are just too many situations which can lead to a particular intuition. However, I will mention the important signs which can easily be understood and noticed. Here are some Good Omens and Bad Omens which I feel will make you aware and be helpful in increasing your knowledge about intuition and astrology.


Spilling of boiling milk indicates minor accident or tension.

Spilling of wine indicates disaster.

Cracks in the wall indicates a big trouble is around the corner.


Spilling of water indicates a financial gain is about to happen.


A dog’s or cat’s wailaround you is a sign of bad news.

If a person looks like a dead body when asleep, it indicates death is near.

If you are not able to see your reflectioninwater then it means death is very near.

If your Clock stops from time to time then it means bad news is about to come.


If bad dreams continue to bother you daily it indicates you are suffering from some sinful planet. A quick remedy is required for this and you must consult an experienced astrologer and get a detailed analysis of your Birth Chart.

To see your own death in dreams means a sign of dignity and freedom from disease.

If you see fire in dreams then be careful something harmful is going to happen.

To see yourself climbing high altitude indicates promotion in your job is around the corner, business expansion or you are about to buy some expensive thing.

To see yourself sitting or standing on high altitudemeans responsibilities are about to come or you will spend money for some auspicious task.

To see fruit in dreams indicates child birth.

To see any animal attacking you in dreams indicates you to be careful as somebody can harm you or put you in trouble.

To see water in dreams is a sign of growth in your bank balance.

To see yourself in sky or travelling through a plane indicates sudden financialgain.

To see greenery and nature in dreams indicates prosperity and freedom from debt.

To see yourself crying in dreams is a sign of ecstasy.

To step up a ladder in dreams means promotion or increased self-esteem.

To step down a ladder means you will have to struggle.


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