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Introduction to Venus

Introduction to Venus

What is Venus

According to Indian Astrology Venus is a type of planet which fills our life with beauty. In this life where there is love there is Venus. Venus makes us realize beauty; in fact Venus is itself beauty. In this world whatever we see beauty comes under possession of Venus. Everybody feels incomplete without love. More the love there in person’s mind is because the effect of Venus. There is no importance of life if this planet is weak. Millions of youngsters who are in search of true love are just because of the Venus only. Venus makes us spend on Luxury. Because luxurious items like Vehicle, Bungalow etc. comes to us because of Venus.

In today’s world computer is ruled by Venus. All type of designing work comes under Venus. Not only all that but Venus is also responsible for love marriage in horoscope.

Film Industry is so fascinating. Venus makes it so splendid. Venus is ruling planet of Scented material, decorative items, cosmetics, clothing, beautiful girlfriend or wife, car, scooter, cycle and even private planes.

Your horoscope can answer all these questions.

Sometimes you feel there is nothing in your life while you have everything and sometimes you feel you don’t need anything more. While in fact there are very limited resources you have in your life. This satisfaction comes because of Venus. As long as your Venus is favorable, you will not lack friends. All your tasks completes with little effort. Venus makes all this happen.

Sometimes some of your work completes, only with the influence of your personality, without our knowledge which people do themselves? This all happens because of Venus.

In fact Venus is a very complex planet. Its nature is flickering. Sometimes you have everything and sometime everything vanishes in a minute. Venus can tell us when we will have all luxurious facilities and when you will struggle for these.

If Venus is favorable

When Venus is unfavorable the person’s cloths get filthy or he is not able to find good clothes. He does not get along with women. Gap increases in relationship. We get bored if some auspicious work assigned. Something inauspicious/evil happens at the time of auspicious/event at home. Diabetes, death of girl child, Separation with wife/girlfriend or to get drunk all the time, all this happens because of adverse effect of Venus.

Jai Shree Ram!

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