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Sun in Horoscope

Importance of Sun in Horoscope

There is no doubt that the world is full of Genius & talented people but you would have seen that success comes in the hands of the Ambitious people only. If you don’t have the intense desire to reach at the top, you are not the ambitious then you can’t get the success in spite of all your talent. You will become only the tool in the hands of cunning people. The cunning people will use you & your talent for their own use & benefit. They will take advantage of your abilities for their own success.

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Sun gives will power

If you don’t have the desire then how you will get promoted, how you will get success? Firstly, there should be a strong desire to get something, if you have the desire no doubt you will take risk, you will try to find the opportunity. Now let us try to discuss this issue as per Astrological point of view. The ascendant in the horoscope represents the personality of the Native. The ascendant and the lord of ascendant determine the strength of will power of Native. The remaining planets play the important role in making the Native the Genius & Talented. The more they affect the ascendant the Native shall become more & more Talented. But keep in mind one thing, the good planet make the good personality and the malefic planets make the native bad personality.

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The Planets & your attitude towards the job

The tenth house, Dreshkon chakra & Jupiter determine the carrier of the person. The Mercury makes the Native business minded, make clever. The Mars makes the Native lazy but gives the power to do the work with the diplomatic skill. Venus fills the work of Native with style. The Moon inspires to do the things differently with others. Rahu gives the skill to do the job successfully & illegally. To give and take bribe, job of middleman, give and take commission, to get the job done silently all these qualities are given by Rahu. Ketu gives the dreams, makes fire, and gives the greed so as to Native work hard day & night.

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Ambitions and Sun in horoscope

The Sun plays important role in all the planets. Sun is considered as the king of all the planets, all planets revolve around the Sun. So the work, job Sun gives to Native is considered very important. This job makes the Native King type personality. The native works like king. To do a big job and also to extract the work from others makes the native different from others. The Native shall be no doubt ambitious and as I have said in the beginning that only ambitious can achieve the big success.

Just go through this chart to know the houses in horoscope for success.

Sun in Horoscope

Each house of horoscope tells something.

1st house of horoscope Talent
2nd House of horoscope Gains
3rd house of horoscope Success or Failure
4th house of horoscope Comforts
5th house of horoscope Ideas
6th house of horoscope Compititors
7th house of horoscope Support
8th house of horoscope Downfall
9th house of horoscope Fate
10th house of horoscope Efforts
11th house of horoscope Profit
12th house of horoscope Loss

Cunning becomes stronger than Talent sometimes.

Now I tell you my personal experience. Many years ago I was working in a MNC at Mohali. There were more than 400 people in the company. I observed there that the talented & genius people are working under ambitious & cunning people. I find the same situation everywhere I went. I think you would have also observed this situation in your real life, in films, in stories etc.

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The normal people dare not to take risk. In fact, sometimes they prefer to quit the job. But ambitious people neither take risk nor quit the job. They take the advantage of the mistakes of others to occupy their place. Now the persons who have ability, talent will work under these types of cunning people. But the fact is that cunning are ruling everywhere. They take the advantage of mistake of talented and becomes entitled to praise. Talented person quits the job one after another and very late he comes to know the reality that it is very necessary to be ambitious.


Finally I will conclude by saying that you must be clever, cunning & ambitious along with hard worker. If you are less talented then it will be ok but you must be ambitious in the struggle of life.

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