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If Yellow Sapphire not suitable

Side Effects Of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone suitable to minimum people. its all about 30% people who can get benefits of Yellow Sapphire, Topaz or Yellow stone. If not suitable it could turn into moody person. Your moods will change so many times in a day. You will have no control on your habits especially on your diet. You will start gaining the weight. So if you are trying to lose your weight the negative effect of yellow sapphire could result weight gain.

You will do stupid things as this gemstone will affect the power of thinking. You will not be reliable and you would not able to keep secret things. Other than this you will start loosing respect. In worst you will have insult again and again. If you keep wearing yellow sapphire for long time you will become fat and unformed by physic. You will become loud by voice and you will lose your beauty and personality. Even this will also affect on your character.

Other than these things you will also get reverse effect of the house where the Jupiter exist’s in your horoscope. For example if your Jupiter is situated in 2nd house you will feel your home atmosphere is not good. You will not be happy with your finance and family. You will have a lot of enemies within few days. You could lose your job or business also.

नीलम की अपेक्षा पीला पुखराज बहुत कम लोगों को सूट करता है 100 में से केवल -65 या 70% लोगों को पुखराज सूट नहीं करेगा और यदि सूट ना करे तो पुखराज के तीव्र दुष्परिणाम हो सकते हैं जैसे कि जातक का अपने शरीर पर नियंत्रण नहीं रहेगा जो मन में आया वही करेगा जो अच्छा लगे वह खाएगा जो अच्छा ना लगे उससे परहेज करेगा जातक बुद्धिमानी की बात नहीं करेगा मूर्खता की बातें करेगा जातक विश्वासपात्र नहीं रहेगा मन में कपट और वह विरोध की भावना जन्म लेने लगती है इसके अतिरिक्त जातक को धन इज्जत और मांग यश की कमी महसूस होने लगती है बेइज्जती होने जैसी स्थिति आ जाती है लंबे समय तक यदि जातक ऐसा रत्न पहनने रहे तो जातक मोटा होने लगता है शरीर भद्दा लगना शुरू हो जाता है अर्थात जातक सुंदरता खो देता है

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