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IAS or IPS Job as per Horoscope

IAS or IPS Job as per horoscope

The current young generation is very intelligent. After completion of the study, they get the offer of packages of millions of rupees by multinational companies. The majority of them choose to go and serve abroad. However, there are some children, who do not have the desire to go abroad. They even refuse the package worth lakhs of rupees.

They crave for Indian Administrative Service. They want to serve in the Indian Administrative Service or in the Indian Police Service. But to have the desire for anything is one thing and to get it is absolutely another. Indian Administrative Service examination is very difficult. It takes years of hard work. One has to study with full devotion for the years to get success in the civil service examination.

Above all, if you are destined to become an IAS in your destiny, then only you will succeed in the IAS examination. Otherwise, you will not able to get success in it. Through this article, I will tell you about astrological yoga, which you should have in your horoscope.

The first thing to note here is that to become an IAS officer one needs not only talent and knowledge but also the ability to make quick decisions. Everyone wants to become an IAS officer but a few people get this opportunity. To become an IAS officer, your horoscope should have the following planetary positions: –

  • The Sun position is most important.
  • Mars should be strong in the horoscope.
  • 5th House of Horoscope.
  • 9th House of Horoscope.

Knowledge is the first thing.

First comes the knowledge. Your knowledge can make you successful. The fifth house of the horoscope is known for general knowledge and the ninth house of the horoscope is known for an excellent knowledge. Both these houses should be strong in your horoscope.

Sun and IAS jobs

According to Vedic astrology, only that person goes in the administrative services, the planet sun is sitting in a strong position in Shodashvarga in whose horoscope. Without the strength of the strong Sun in the horoscope, if you reach the rank of IAS anyhow, then you will not be able to stay in the service last long.

The Role of Mars in IPS Officer Jobs

The position of Mars should also be considered for success in administrative services because the post & position you are going to get comes under the jurisdiction of planet Mars. No planet is more important for selection in police services than Mars.

9th House is most important

In brief, the fifth house of the horoscope, the ninth house, the position of the Sun and Mars in the horoscope will make sure that will become an IAS or IPS or not. After getting so much information, you would definitely like to know that whether I will become IAS Or IPS or not. So don’t wait, contact me with your horoscope immediately.

Will I become IAS Officer

If the horoscope is not available, then give the date of birth, time, and place of birth so that I may able to tell you whether there is a possibility of becoming an officer in your destiny or not.

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