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How to know about your spouse through birth chart?

To know about our future spouse is something that seems very interesting and very important for all of us. In Vedic astrology, it becomes all the more essential for a person to know about their future spouse before any kind of alliance is confirmed. The personalities, the insights, and the behavior of the would-be spouse matter a lot. To know about them prior to marriage is something everybody wants. Information about the would-be spouse is linked to the personality of the person; it also shows how well they will be able to fit in the family and the married life. Of course, the match is made in heaven, but we can always be prepared for the people we are going to make such important decisions with.

The seventh house in your chart play is the most crucial role in predicting about your spouse. The seventh house is linked with the partner directly as well as your married life. It is based entirely on different planetary positions in the seventh house. The Following planetary positions can be considered in knowing the nature of your spouse and married life-

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Sun in the seventh house.

It is likely that your would-be spouse will be from a reputed family if the sun is placed in the seventh house. He or she will not only be generous but very ambitious. However, they can have a slightly self-centered attitude, and they can be, at times, dominating. Remember, the sun, no matter how illuminating, has a dark side, which would make the person quite egoistic and short-tempered.
Moon in the seventh house
This placement is very auspicious. The spouse would be very emotional, softhearted, and grounded. When the moon is placed in the seventh house, you will definitely get a beautiful spouse. They will be a family-oriented and extremely homely person. However, they can be slightly moody.

Mars in the seventh house

A dynamic, impulsive, and an Aggressive would-be spouse is predicted when Mars is placed in your seventh house. They will be very productive and highly energetic. Chances of them being argumentative are high, however. Along with that, it is probable that they might be dealing with Mangal Dosha. You must confirm before going ahead.

Jupiter in the seventh house

If Jupiter is placed in your seventh house, then you are truly blessed. Your spouse will be known for his moral values and ethical nature. He or she will be religious and well educated. They will also be trustworthy. However, they can act critical sometimes. But overall, it is an auspicious placement.

Mercury in the seventh house

Your spouse will be likely to be entertaining, intelligent, and talkative. He or she will be virtuous. However, physical compatibility would always be lacking in this alliance. In this planetary position, chances of your spouse to be younger than you are higher.

Venus placed in the seventh house.

Your spouse will be graceful and extremely good looking. It is a highly auspicious placement. They will be soft-spoken, artistic, and romantic. They will be inclined to words materialistic benefits, comfortable, and luxurious lifestyle. This is an excellent placement.

Saturn placed in the seventh house.

Your spouse would be a reliable, practical, and hard-working person. They will be getting, and your married life will be stable and long-lasting. Although they might not be very romantic, they will be trustworthy and loyal.

Your birth chart can give detailed information on your would-be spouse’s traits, behavior, personality, etc. considering the above-given information, consult an Experienced astrologer to help you more is this field. Experts can give you more useful information on your would-be spouse.

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