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How to chant mantras

How to chant Mantras

Through my present article I am trying to analyze the simple but very serious problems. Many people in my contact have complained that though they worship very devotionally but it seemed to them their worship is proved fruitless & effect less.

Late it has come into my notice that it was not the complaint of one or two but so many people are complaining the same problem. I think my readers too would have observed the person, lady or gent who is suffering a lot in spite of performing worship, donation, ritual etc.

Though there may be so many reasons behind this problems but the main possible reasons I observed are as under.

Wearing the inappropriate Gemstone

Every person has to bear consequences If he wear the inappropriate Gemstone or wear the gemstone at the advised of inexperienced professional. First of all unfavorable gemstone made him restive and uneasy. He will have sleepless night and anyhow he sleep then he will have nightmare only. These are the immediate effects of inappropriate gemstone but gradually his gemstone start showing its effect by making all his worship effectless. Your worship will be like Filling Pitcher by pouring water with the hole in its bottom.

If you felt your worship is effect less then first of all check whether you have not worn any Gemstone recently.

Your Seat (The Aasana) during worship and other disorder

Our Scripture have described and prescribed the several seats (asana). The Asana of Khadi and other materials are available in the market. But here i want to tell you only one thing that never perform any kind of worship while sitting directly on the earth. So make sure you have taken the asana & always use the proper asana while you worship.

You chant the Mantra, Aarti etc during worship unfortunately you do not use the Asana then there will be the Earthing of the impact of your worship. The impact, energy & positive vibration produce from your worship merge into the Earth. You will be derived from the effect of your worship.

It has been directed by our Scriptures that always do the Prayers & Worship in Privacy, Solitude and Loneliness. Because all the energy arose as result of your worship will directly merge into the Earth if anyone touch you during the worship. In very simple language we may call it the earthing of worship.

After your worship and prayer never get angry, never go to sleep, never condemn otherwise you will not get the fruit of your worship. So i suggest you to avoid these things.

Neither do the worship while on the Bed nor on the floor directly. If it is not possible for you to get the asana then you may use the woolen blanket as Asana. The intent is that don’t come into contact with earth directly during worship.

Ghost, Spectral or Unquenchable Spirit

Generally we consider a Spirit unquenchable when the person dies untimely. This Unquenchable spirit for its emancipation & absolution creates obstacles for the family. So i would like to suggest you to think on this point also when you are not getting the fruit of your worship. Try to find out whether you have lost any family member untimely if it happen then perform all kind of ritual & worship for this purpose as per the Scripture.

House obsessed with Vastu Dosh or any other obstruction, constraint

Never purchase the house from the childless person. It has been seen that a person remains childless due to Pitra dosh and it may be quite possible that his property may also be obsessed with Pitra dosh.

Before purchasing the house also ensure that it is not constructed on the land of Graveyard or Cemetery. The house built on the Graveyard is not suitable for living.

You will not get the fruit of your worship if your worship place or small temple in your house is in the South-west or west side of your house.

Prayer or worship should be performed in the solitude, it should not be seen easily the more explicitly your worship place should not be seen by everyone who visit your house. If you perform worship not privately then you will not get the benefit of your worship. The worship place under the staircase is also not good.

Wrong pronunciation of the Mantra turns the worship fruitless

Now it has proved that Mantra (Vedic Verse) are scientifically sound developed by our Sages. By chanting Mantra nothing is impossible. If you chant the Mantra regularly then take special care for the pronunciation otherwise your worship & prayers will be futile.

Even the wrong pronunciation of single alphabet deprived you from the benefit of the same. Sometimes wrong pronunciation brings havoc. Always chant the Mantra after learning the right pronunciation from The Guru who gave you the Mantra.

Intake of Meat & Alcohol

You worship regularly, take special care for cleanliness & purity. Then there should be purity in your Eating habits also. If any member of your family consumes Meat-Alcohol then you should not expect that you will get the fruit of your worship.

How to get the double fruit of your worship

You want to get the fruit of your worship fully then you should keep the Maun Vrat (Quiescent or practice of keep silent) once in a week. If it is not possible for one day in week then try one day in a month. It is believed that through silence one is able to achieve one’s desire. Practice of silence is essential for spiritual growth. Silence increases the tolerance power also.

The chanting of Mantra for long time create the Aura around our body. Only the Sidh Purush (सिद्ध पुरुष) can see this aura and it protects us from several negative things.

The Maun vrat (मौन व्रत) reinforce this Aura and you start getting the fruit of your worship. In such a situation any supernatural power would not damage you.

If your house is obsessed with Vastu dosh then you can go to nearby temple and perform your worship at the temple. Go to the temple along with your asana and Mala and chant the mantra and perform your worship.

To get the maximum benefit of your worship the time between 03.00 to 04.00 is best.

Though I have briefly analysis this subject but if you focus on these reasons, factors, symptoms it is very likely that your problem is resolved. Once we track the reason then we may able to find out the remedy also.

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