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How to activate the first house of horoscope

How to activate the first house of the horoscope

I have started a new series of articles named “how to activate the first house of horoscope”. In this series, I will tell you the importance of each house of the horoscope. As you are well aware that there are twelve houses of the horoscope. From first to twelve houses each house represents the different sphere of life. Let’s start from the first house.

What we see from first house in astrology

How to activate 1st house of the horoscope.

The first house is directly connected with your body, your personality, and your nature also. This house control your dress sense, your good & bad habits etc.

Now I going to explain to you some tips to activate this house. I used the word “activate” many times, it may come in your mind that what is the meaning of activation. Here the word “activate” means enhance the good results of that house.

Habit or addiction

It is seen that everyone is an addict to anything. Some people want to get rid of addiction but on the contrary, some don’t want and in many cases, some people even don’t try to get rid of the bad habit.

I was also not an exception. I too had some bad habit, for example, I used to take curd in the night and I could not get sleep before reading a book and I was smoker also. Bad habit brings the bad results but if you are willing to change yourself then you can easily activate the first house of your horoscope.

Once the first house of your horoscope is activated then you will see that you got the honor, you got the promotion. Your health will be improved and in the eyes of others yours, a positive image will be built.  Self-confidence & will power increase.

If you want name-fame & glory in life then try to leave some habit that is considered bad. For the improvement in your personality, you should do something. I have given some tips which you should follow.

Anger Control

Try to control your anger, in the beginning, you may not get the success. But after some days you will realize that you have trained in control your anger. 

As far as possible, remain busy. I have experienced that the people with the first house activated always remain busy. If you have the name & fame, you are famous then you shall be busy.

Make your personality simple instead of complex so that people can understand you. For example- an actor built a very simple personality in the eyes of society.

Ask from the people what is bad in me. People may tell you in their reply that you are full of anger, you are a liar, and you are straight forward in talking. You have to listen to all the suggestion and work on them to improve yourself.

The First house of horoscope activation benefits

Benefits of 1st House of Horoscope Activation

You will be astonished to know the benefit of the activation of the first house. Once your first house is activated you will be famous overnight. If you see anyone special then it means his first house is already activated because without the activation of the first house no one can become special.