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how to activate the second house of horoscope

How to activate 2nd House of Horoscope

As you know the second house represents our speech besides other things. So once you start the control over your speech it is the beginning of the activation of the second house. When you control the words uttering from your mouth, it immediately impresses & influences the person stood in front of you. You have to keep the practice of controlling speech for a long period.

When we talk about the control over speech then it means you shall never use abusive language towards anyone. You shall think twice before speaking plain lie or half-truth. It is better to say “No” than false promises. You shall try to explain yourself in the minimum words and keep practicing it. You shall take care that words from your mouth should not go futile. Don’t hesitate to demand for time when you have to express yourself. Never say ‘yes’ on one occasion and ‘no’ on the other occasion, avoid this kind of changing habit and do not let such a situation arise.

If it is difficult for you to praise then at least avoid from criticism in case someone asks you to express your opinion or view. The second house of the horoscope badly affected when we condemn the others. If you follow the above suggestion no doubt the second house of your horoscope will activate.

The second house represents the taste of the tongue also. So control over your eating habits is also necessary along with the control over speech. I will advise you to avoid such eatery that is harmful to health but we eat just because of its taste.  

Now I tell you the benefit of activation of second house of horoscope.

As far as the benefits are concerned, it has unlimited advantages. The second house of the horoscope represents the family, money lying in your house, money in your pocket. If you successfully activate the second house of the horoscope it makes the differences in both the places, first there will be no scarcity of money and secondly, your home environment will be pleasant. The second house also tells us about the richness or poverty so if you get rid of poverty and want to become rich then without losing time activate the second house of the horoscope. 

In the olden times, the sages got the power from their worship. You would have heard that they would sit calmly, remain silent for a long period of time. They would get so much power by keeping silent for the years that the words uttering from their mouth would turn true. They had gained so much power that they would capable of giving curse or boon to anyone.

So if you have activated the second house of the horoscope then the words uttering in the shape of blessing from your mouth will become boon and abusive words will become a curse. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep silent from time to time and you will realize the power in your speech. 

How to activate the 2nd house of horoscope

The second house of the horoscope represents the marriage also. In other words, this is the house of second marriage. If fortunately or unfortunately the fate has written the second marriage in your life then we come to know from the second house of the horoscope. If you successfully activate the second house then if the second marriage happens then it will be lucky for you.

The second house represents the age of the husband. If you activate the second house then no doubt your husband is going to get longevity.

This is a very vast subject. Even a book can be written on this subject. Your suggestion, opinion & views are very important to me. One more thing, if you like this article then don’t forget to share it. Thanks.

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