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How the bad phase enters in your relationship ?

The essence of the love you will find everywhere between the mother and her child , Between the girl and boy , between the friends.Love is that feeling which can’t be hear , can’t be see through our eyes but we can only feel that beautiful feelings. But the phase of love is changing as it totally depends on the type of relationship.

After some years of marriage , whether it is love or arrange. Partners expectations increased , it may be they want something different from their partner. They compare their compatibility . This is reason behind the clashes between the husband and wife.

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In case love marriage , there is a normal argument between the couples like how they behave before ten years and how there is a drastic change in the behavior. The concern,care,love towards the partner is somehow changing. This is the main reason why your partner is unsatisfied with you?

relationship breakup

The dream that you have seen together they were loosing it . And suddenly you made your decision to stay away from your partner . And Bad phase enters in your life . Suddenly the love,care , the empathy that you expect from your partner is loosing. And the spark of love is somehow diminished between them.

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