Bad Phase in Relationship – How to overcome with astrology rules

when bad phase enters in relationship these astrology rules will help you

In Indian astrology, the three things are very important. 2nd house of horoscope then 7th house of horoscope & finally the house of desires 11th house of horoscope. 2nd house is known for family. The 7th house is for marriage purpose & 11th house is for marriage-related your dreams & desires. When you have something wrong in these three out of 12 houses of horoscope the bad phase enters in your relationship.

Let’s know the situation in more details

The family house is 2nd house which I have discussed in my previous articles. Family planning happens when you wish for marriage and when you try to get married. And when you have someone in your life you never know he will be part of your family or not but you wish for getting married to him/her and start dreaming for your family planning. This stage is the first stage of your relationship.

What happens in the next stage of relationship

Desires have no end in life & these desires push us to move ahead in next level of relationship. The desires house is 11th house of horoscope which you can understand practically in the following ways.

  • Whatever you wish for that come to you easily.
  • Your desires fulfill after a delay.
  • Your desires fulfill finally.
  • Your wishes come into the real life with positive results with obstacles.

The conclusion is your 11th house is powerful & have good planets. So your desires will be fulfilled as per astrology rules. If the 11th house of horoscope is good your dreams will come true but if the above points are not satisfactory it means your 11th house has something bad in the horoscope.

As a result, your family planning is far away & you are stuck with your relationship with the hopeless state of mind. This is when bad phase enters in your life.


What you need to do is keep yourself motivated with good & positive thoughts. If your 11th house is not good in horoscope you will have to find your way at your own deeds. You really need blessings of those who have dreams in life & that is easy for you fulfill their dreams.

Hope always helps

When you need someone’s help do not try hard. Instead look for a person who needs your help. Believe me, this remedy will put you on right track. This is what God wants from your side. So when the bad phase entrees in your relationship do not lose hope. Just do something for someone. The blessings you have to earn as much as possible.

7th House is finally marriage

The 7th house is of your marriage. Once the bad time passed you have to do your efforts with a lot of blessings you already earned. This time you will see the things have been changed & now your partner is listening to you.