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How much he loves you

How much he loves you

Thank you for this question but I would really want to answer because every one want to know little bit about his / her partner. I am not supporter of the people falls in love but I sensed there is numerous people looking for someone who can tell them about their partner.

Honestly It is possible to find out how much reliable your partner is. Do he loves you? If yes then ok but if he don’t love you but act as he loves you, the whole picture changes.

If you felt that someone making fool of you and engaged someone else, you can determine this by his / her horoscope. The horoscope is being given below for example. A lady shared me his details in a meeting and asked how much affairs he is already involved. She already knew the truth but she just wanted to check my skills.

Let’s discuss how you can find a cheater by horoscope.

horoscope of cheater in love

Rahu is known as shadow planet. The people influenced by Rahu generally do not share the important things with others. That is the reason they get success and makes people fool.

Venus is responsible for Love Affairs and when Venus is with Rahu person involves in a lot of  love affairs. Moreover when some good planet is there like Mercury, the things becomes so much critical. You can never judge such people by behavior. He will be able to cheat anyone easily reason being Mercury is known as Cleverness. When mercury, Rahu and Love Affairs comes together, one should not trust such person.

This person have 2 kids but his love affairs are still going on.

Cheating is common in love. But all people cannot be same. Some people can be reliable for long. If Jupiter sees your fifth house, your lover loves you from the depth of his heart. If Moon is with him, there is no doubt that he loves you. He cannot cheat you. If Saturn is also there, someone else may harm your relationship. The third person can affect your love life.

Love does not bless the people who close their eyes and ignore little things. If someone cheats someone, it may harm life of someone.

If you are also in such situation, just provide me details of you and your partner. I will try my best to come up with truth which can save your life.

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  1. guru ji, namashkar.. my b’date 15 aug 1979… 2:15 pm… najibabad-u.p… and my wife.. 3 aug 1987… 3:05 pm… muzaffarnagar… is there cheating in our love…. is she reliable? i have faith on her but after your post i want to know… before marriage i was also in affair… now also 1 girl is approaching me but i dont want cheating… is this due to grah chaal… affairs r due to planets then plz tell me something about me and her.. plz…. thanx in advance… thanxx

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