How can Moon Phases affect your life?

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The universe is all about energies and their effects on one other. From planets to every tiny bit that has existence is going to have the energy of its own. As per the natural laws, this energy undergoes changes according to other influences on it over different periods of time.  The connection between the moon and the earth is so powerful and phenomenal that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t shut our eyes to the impact it has on our day to day lives. Have you ever wondered that the varied moods that you go through are actually controlled by a planet that is nearly 384,402 km distance away? This natural satellite rotates synchronously as it orbits the earth, but it has an extra luminosity that takes charge of our everyday behaviors and moods!

The portion of the moon that is directly visible from the earth is called the moon phase or the lunar phase. There are eight such phases in accordance with the changing orbital positions of the moon, earth, and sun. Due to these positions three crucial earthly factors are affected: tides, light, and time.

Effects on the Ocean:

The effect of the moon’s gravitational pull on the earth results in the spring tides (when high tides are highest and lo the lowest). During a full moon or a new moon, the high tides are highest while the low ones are lowest. This happens when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned. Also, the corals release eggs and gametes on the full moons.

Effect on health:

Indian calendars and astrology are strongly based on the lunar rhythms. It is also believed that a person’s inner well-being is all about the moon’s impact on his astrological sign or the ruling planet. The pundits and Indian astrology also believes that there is a relation between women’s menstrual cycles and the lunar phases. Also, advice and predictions of pregnancy taking the moon phases into account are given. Studies have also shown a relation between the changing melatonin levels in human bodies with different phases of the moon, making sleep-wake cycles a regulation of the lunar energies on earth and on our inner energies, to speak precisely.

Effect on emotions and mind:

Moon is known for its feminine qualities and is believed to be the real influencer on our emotions. It is accepted that a new moon makes evokes humans’ ‘bestial’ emotions; that is why the English words- ‘lunatic’ or ‘moony’ refers to “madness.” A 1984 Study suggested that more crimes happened on full moon nights and was approximately double the number of other lunar phases! Start recording your moods in relation to the moon phases; you have better chances to understand your body rhythms.

Indian fasting:

After every 40-48days, the human body goes through the cycle of ‘mandala,’ In this, there are 3days in accordance with the lunar positioning that one’s body naturally doesn’t demand food. Recognizing these days and fasting on them is very good for human health as per Hindu Vedic beliefs. Indian fasting like the ‘Ekadashi vrat’ is also in accordance with the lunar positioning. The 11th lunar this of the Shukla paksha (the waxing phase) and Krsna paksha (the waning phase) are considered auspicious lunar periods to purify the body bringing good health and vibrance in our life.

Keeping a lunar impact on our expected emotional patterns in a month can be both highly interesting. Still, looking at the study’s complexity due to innumerable factors affecting the impact on us, it would be better to enjoy these impacts with an open mind and not accept it as the only law-abiding you. After all, space and universe are miraculously ever-changing!

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