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Career Prediction with Horoscope From an Astrloger

How can I be successful in career? Horoscope Prediction

Get Horoscope Prediction For Successful Career

The success depends upon your efforts and performance but the role of luck is also important. The question very frequently asked to me that how can I be successful in a career with the help of astrology? My answer always depends upon horoscope to horoscope.

When there is a favourable time in our horoscope the circumstances become favourable and you get the way how you should get but when the time is not favourable as per your Horoscope predictions become complicated and negative.

Destiny plays an important role in building a successful environment in a career.

Yes, that’s true the destiny plays a very important role in building your way to success.

Real Case on Career Horoscope Prediction

Let me give you an example one of my clients from Mysore what’s working well in government service but was not satisfied with the clerical job.

He always wanted to become an IAS officer because of the good performance in the exams. So far he was the winner of many exams but still due to his confidence he was not able to keep calm in his clerical job.

His dream was to have high influencing and wanted to hold power in hands.

He decided to prepare for IAS exam with full dedication.

According to my readings, His horoscope prediction was not that good in the near future but he was overconfident and after consulting me, he consulted other astrologers for his better career predictions.

It happens especially when you find negative predictions of your career from 1 astrologer, you tend to consult with other astrologers to have a double-check or a positive prediction

like Rameshwaram as he consulted another astrologer from his hometown Mysore.

My prediction was authentic and luckily he consulted a renowned astrologer who mentioned the same like I said because this is the basic principle of astrology when a major period of a planet is coming, big changes will happen in life.

Even if you have the basic knowledge of astrology you will do the same prediction as I did but Rameshwaram was confident about his decision and he started preparation of IAS officer.

After some time his performance was down and he left his job the major period of Saturn started.

He lost his job and even in exams, he did not perform well due to everything changed in the horoscope. Now his confidant was not like in the period of Jupiter was.

I would like to suggest you, that if a major period is coming in life, The stars are good in the sky you can take risk for the good but if you are already good and due to your satisfaction level you take any risk beyond the stars are not favourable you will have more chances to lose.

Astrology can help in that situation.

Read how you can get success in a career with the help of astrology.

First of all look for the reason for your failures or dry time currently running.

There are 9 planets in your Horoscope can be responsible for your success or failures.

If out of 9 this is Sun just start waking up early in the morning before sunrise and what you need to do is just look at the beauty of a sunrise.

After few days you will get a positive energy e that will not let you wake up late and after some time you will start getting results in your career because the sun is the most powerful planet of the horoscope that can change almost everything in your career.

If the reason for your failure is moon just like sunrise you have to Keep watching the moon in the sky at night at least for five minutes daily when the moon appears in the sky.

This will give you do a lot of Ideas in your mind because the moon is Lord of your mind control your mind and control your emotions when the moon will become powerful in your Horoscope you will have enough satisfaction confidence and positive energy.

If the reason for your success and failure in the carrier is Mars start helping the disabled people and you will see improvements in your career after some time.

If the reason for your dry time in your career is is mercury,  every month when you get a salary to keep apart some money for poor children and his study. You can help if you buy a book for Poor child if you cannot do much for his admission fees tuition fees.

This will activate your mercury in your Horoscope and you will start getting success in your career due to blessing of Mercury.

 For Jupiter Venus Saturn and Rahu Ketu, you can do the remedies to activate these planets but the most important thing is you must know the reason for your failures or slow growth in your career.

If you are not good at Astrology predictions you can take help of someone familiar in astrology.

Sometimes I spend my time with my customers in Mumbai also so if you want to consult me for your success in the career you can meet me in Mumbai every month last Saturday.

I am always available for phone consultation if you are interested to get success in your career by astrology.

The conclusion is you must know the planet who is not favourable to you in a career.
This is how astrology can help you in your career.

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