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How Astrology Helps You Find Date of Birth

How Astrology Helps You Find Date of Birth

Can a date of birth be predicted from planetary positions?

Many people have no idea about their date of birth. However, astrology can help them predict the right date of birth. Well, that depends on one’s astrology data such as the planetary positions and changes in other signs.

All these details are mentioned in your horoscope. A horoscope is something that records the celestial movement the moment you arrived on the earth.

An astrologer can have several approaches in place to figure out a date of birth.

Get your horoscope reading without date of birth and time accurate.

Here we have given some simple approaches used to know someone’s date of birth from horoscope.

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1. Using Sun Sign and Degree:

An astrologer can look for specific positions of the planets. In a solar calendar, the Sun remains in the same place each year. If you are familiar with the Sun sign and degree, you can figure out the approximate birth month and day, but not the year.

A Panchang or ephemeris can be used in this case as it records all trajectories of astronomical objects in the sky over time. The position of signs degree and planets are studied.


2. Using Pluto’s Position to Figure Out the Year of Birth:

This comes really handy. Pluto moves slowly and doesn’t travel through all zodiac signs in the human life. However, the Sun covers its transit of all twelve zodiac signs in nearly 1 year. Since Pluto travels only a few degrees of each sign a year, it can be used along with sign position to figure out the year of birth.

You can find out the general dates of Pluto’s transit of the signs or take note of a list of historical Pluto sign ingresses. Even going through the 50-year Panchang can help you find that Pluto was in a specific sign for a specific period.

For example, a pachang says that Pluto was in Scorpio from 1983 to 1995. Cross checking the other positions can also help you know the date.

An astrologer can also analyze your facial, height features and bone structures to determine your zodiac sign that indicates the month of your birth.


3. Using Nashta Jataka: 

There is a separate branch of astrology known as the Nashta Jataka or Lost Horoscopy where the person’s horoscope is determined through several predictive, techniques and prashna.

It works in nearly 80% of cases. In Nashta Jataka, the horoscope is analyzed even when you don’t the date, time or year of birth. It implies prashna kundali along with other techniques and calculations to figure out the position of planets, Moon’s nakshatra, navamsha, dwadashamsa and other elements. This can then be approved by asking the person about his life events. It is a complicated job and can cost more than what you pay for getting your horoscope read.


4. Astro-Palmistry:

As the name suggests, Astro-palmistry is used to identify the zodiac signs and planetary position in the palm lines. This is useful to create one’s horoscope from palm lines. However, only learned and efficient astrologers know how to make an exact birth chart based on a few questions and the Palm lines. This is the last resort for you if you don’t know about your date of birth.



We hope that the above-mentioned solutions will help you find the exact date and time of your birth so that you can create the right horoscope. However, it takes you to approach the right astrologer as not all can do such complicated calculations. Maybe you have to pay more than normal astrological reading which is worth it. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!


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