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Second house of horoscope

The Second house of the horoscope is also known as Dusra Bhav. With horoscope second house you can know about your family, wealth, your right eye, your taste related to clothes and food. Are you interested in Arts, are you creative, your source of income , how much money will you make, how much do you have, will you make money in life, will you make profit or loss, How much wealth you will have. How beautiful are you, how attractive you are and how much are people attracted or influenced by you. All this is known by this house.

Accident or death. If death is because of accident is determined by this house. This is known as Marak position which is cause of death. You will be close or away from your house, the distance from home will be is determined by how many and which planets are in this house. Especially when there is presence of Dragon’s Head (Rahu) then the person is stays away from his house and the person gets home sick.

Effect of Planets in Second House of Horoscope

When accompanied by Sun (Surya) then home sickness is even more. If there is Sun in your kundali’s second house then the person gets fame away from the house.

If there is Moon (Chandra) in kundali’s second house then the person is closely associated and attached to creativity, has a very sweet voice, he is extremely good looking and a scholar, good in drawing or may be good in singing and also an excellent speaker, this person is involved in various forms of creative activity. He loves creative work and also works in creative field and also makes money with his creative work.

Let’s talk about Mars (Mangal). If there is presence of Mars in the 2nd house of horoscope then the vision of Mars is on the fifth, eight and the ninth house. Firstly it is harmful for children, reduces the life span of the person, disturbs fate and person has wealth issues, person is frustrated and troubled with money, is always restricted to spend and has clashes at home.

Now if there is Mercury (Budh) then he can be a good singer, he can be a good manipulator like politicians; he can be an excellent lawyer or poet. He will excel in any field related to talking or speech and is also his source of income.

If there is Jupiter (Guru) then whatever person says becomes reality, person is wealthy and money stays with him. Jupiter is very favorable over here. The situation because of Jupiter is that there is good and regular flow of income, the person is in an excellent job has good relations with higher authorities. You can say Jupiter is at its best position over here. It is most beneficial. Reduces illness as the vision is on the sixth house and also with its vision the enemies also fail in their wrong motives. If Jupiter has its vision on the tenth house then it is very good for the father. There is lot of happiness given to the father and also the father has increased life span and they are in good terms with higher authorities and get success. You might have noticed there are people who get promotion without any hard work, even if they don’t deserve, untimely. These things happen with the presence of Jupiter. All this untimely and unreasonable success to not deserving people is because of Jupiter.

Next is Venus (Shukra), which is more powerful. Venus makes the person extremely good looking. These people n be successful in film industry and get their wealth through films. He can be a good singer, good driver and can be famous in some creative field. They have very good relations with ladies. If you are a lady you will have good relation with other ladies. There is a very active social life. Wealth is a constant companion. Venus is meant to be of good luck in this place.

The presence of Saturn (Shani) might bring financial instability and family life will be disturbed. There is hardly any happiness in their life. Financial crunch is constant in their lives and even if there is money it accompanies unhappiness. Saturn is in a very arrant state in this position. These people suffer during their old age and mite face untimely death. Not always the presence of Saturn is unfavorable. If Saturn is in Aquarius (Kumbh) or Capricorn (Makar) sign, for example Aquarius is or zodiac sign of the number eleven and Capricorn is of number ten it will be good fortune. It will be exactly opposite of the above mentioned ill effects of Saturn. Libra (Tula) star sign is of the number seven. If Saturn is in Libra then the person gets ultimate peace and happiness in life.

In case of Dragon’s Head (Rahu) the person is always away from home and makes their life away from their home. It is not possible for these people to be at home, will keep distance from family, will always stay away from family. These are the effects of presence different planets in different houses.

In case of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) there is influence of Ghost and evil spirits on person’s house. This is very common and I have noticed this happening with many people.

Now we will briefly talk about Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. This is not a normal situation. In this case the person has a huge bank balance and has it for a long time. Especially in case of Neptune the person will have a huge bank balance and will have good looks for a longer duration than normal. !! Jai Shri Ram!!


Ashok Prajapati is India, Ambala based dedicated astrologer serving people from last 25 years. Hi believe in practical astrology which comes from experience. He believes in Hindu Mantras & blessing people who have faith. His mission is to share maximum knowledge he learn from people's life and help the poor and helpless people.


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