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Horoscope Reading

For the accurate horoscope reading the things required are concentration and creativity. The reason for this is that every time the horoscope is studied, something new is explored in it and if this is not so than you are not much creative. Let’s say you are looking at the beautiful waves of sea. If you close your eyes on the next moment you will see another waves yet beautiful. Horoscope is like endless ocean. You might be looking horoscope reading for marriage or career & if  you want someone can read your horoscope. You will look on the internet for online astrologer & you get someone for consultation. They will give you a very limited time in which you have to just put your questions. You are already given away the amount now you will be confused due to time is limited.

Your Queries are important before analysis

The online astrologer must have information about the person whose horoscope is under consideration as otherwise his questions might take much of the time. If the situations of past in the life of a person are related to astrology along with his present than the future will itself become clear.

Horoscope reading & Saturn’s analysis

Horoscope Reading and Saturn Position

The only planet out of nine planets that gives the outcome of the deeds of a person is Saturn. The astrologer must take care of how the deeds of the person are and when will time of Saturn is foreseen in future. If these things are taken into consideration than not just successful forecast could be done but one could also be made aware of the way of karma.

The importance of Sun in Horoscope Reading

The planet that has all the responsibility is Sun. The astrologer must see as how many features of sun are there in the horoscope of the person. This is because sun gives us strength and inspiration for life and if we make plan for something and work for it then it is because of sun.

Why Moon’s analysis are significant in horoscope reading

The person who is doing horoscope reading must study about moon and get to know about the thinking of the person as how much emotional the person is. The astrologer must get information whether the person is just dependent on luck for the future or is careful about the deeds as well.

Do not Forget the basic analysis of Mars in Horoscope Reading

At the time of horoscope reading, the astrologer must take care of how much the relatives are helpful for the person. This is important since if Mars is not in favor in horoscope than the person might lead a big part of his life in the leading the life of others and do not get chance to think about himself. The person must be careful from those who look to be close but have the feeling of an enemy for him.

Horoscope Reading & Mercury, Venus, Jupiter placements

Jupiter Venus Mercury in Horoscope Reading

The astrologer must analyze Mercury to learn about the mental ability of the person as if the person is not clever enough than other people might take benefits from him. The astrologer must also tell the person as how many opportunities are created by Jupiter, how much care Venus is taking for his well being etc.

Rahu Ketu prediction in Horoscope Reading

Most of the people take help from astrology due to the influence of Rahu and Ketu as the visible problems in life are due to Rahu and invisible problems are due to Ketu. The person who has come to take help in horoscope reading is an innocent human being having no information about the future. The astrologer must therefore make the person aware of the truth and reality of his life.

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