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Horoscope reading with or without date and time of birth

Horoscope reading with or without date & time of birth

If you need married prediction by date of birth and without the time of birth it is possible here. Sometimes it happens when you know the date of birth and you don’t know or you are not sure about the time of birth. In that situation, we have a couple of methods for your marriage prediction for your Horoscope reading.

The very first thing is a time of birth is necessary that we must know. But if you don’t know we have to determine your time of birth so we can work on your horoscope. Without the time of birth horoscope reading by Indian astrology is like shooting an arrow in dark.

Horoscope reading without the time of birth

We have two methods the first method is out of 12 ascendants in a day. We will ask some questions about your past with all 12 ascendants to determine your correct ascendant based on your past incidents. The ascendant which reveals a lot of true things about you will be your estimated time of birth. This is in the case you are clear about your date of birth.

This study will take time around half an hour and we will be able to determine your current ascendant based on your Lagna chart we can tell you everything about you only even we can tell you when will you get married your married life your career horoscope reading your financial status your study and almost every aspect of your life which is related to you and your future.

For this the date of birth is necessary you must know your date of birth then only we can proceed if you have doubt about your date of birth also then you can follow our second method.

Horoscope reading without date of birth

If you don’t know your date of birth exactly you still can expect your accurate predictions by horoscope reading. What we do in this regard is to determine one planet that has a rich effect on your life. This is a process that goes through with a session with you. We will talk to you over phone or you can also talk to us on WhatsApp chat.

Horoscope without date of birth

We talk to you so that we have at least your birth sign. Your birth sign or a planet affecting your life from your birth. This planet is much important than other planets. This planet or planets could be more than one or two. We can see clearly by your past incidents. The important events of your life tell the particular planet effect on you.

With a phone session or chat session, we can help you to give you predictions without date of birth & time. We can even find a single number that is roaming around you through your life span.

Horoscope Prediction with the help of your Photo

It is better if you provide a date of birth whether it is clear or unclear this will definitely help. Now you have to send your latest photo if you want to know about your future.
Your photo will say everything about you we will again confirm a couple of things related to you so that you can be sure that you are in the right hands.

If you want to know about your past you can send photographs of your past of that particular period which you want to know. What happened at that time with you will be clear in prediction.

The very important thing is astrology horoscope reading or fortune telling everything is possible if you are blessed by a Guru. It does not matter you have your date of birth or not. I have given both options below you can choose as per your convenience

Obviously, this is chargeable and you will have to pay the consultation fees of 2100 Rs.

Here is the link to apply for horoscope reading without date and time of birth. 

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