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Half-Truth in Astrology Predictions

Half-Truth in Astrology Predictions

I am going to explain how astrologers interpret half-truth in astrology predictions & what should be right method. Predictions in astrology are based on one person’s horoscope but sometimes third person related questions asked & astrologer interpret half prediction.

Astrology the language of God

God Almighty created this world, human being & also fixed our destiny. The Great Creator has also given us astrology to read our future which He has written.  The reason behind is that God Almighty never wanted to diminish the ray of hope. Through astrology at least we may come to know when the good time will come. When we face tough challenges in our life we seek shelter in astrology, we rely on astrology but it is unfortunate that many times we find the predictions wrong and sometimes corrected only half part. Let’s try to understand this Enigma with the help of below examples:-

Accurate baby birth prediction by astrology

A Person asked one astrologer that how much children I would have in my life. The astrologer replied you are going to get a baby boy but after some time that person was blessed with two children one boy & one girl. Now the question arises why the prediction of the astrologer proved wrong. The reply is that the astrologer has checked birth-chart of the father only if he would have checked the Kundali of that person along with his wife his prediction would never go wrong. So this is the best example of half or incomplete prediction.

Accurate divorce & Break up prediction by astrology

In one another example, the native was told that he will have two wives but later this prediction was proved false because his wife didn’t have any such Yoga (possibility) responsible for the divorce.  However, this prediction was not wrongfully but it was wrong to some extent only. Because later it has come to our notice that for a long time there was tension in husband & wife and they run away from each other for the rest of their life.

Now take the example of a job-related query. The native was told that in the year 2016 you may lose your job, may face financial crisis. Native faced the financial problem but not so much as predicted. The reason was her wife, as per the Kundali of his wife, the year 2016 was very good for her. These examples are very common in astrology.

Accurate Finance & career prediction by astrology

One astrologer told one person that You are having Moon in the eighth house of your birth chart and presently Antardasha of Moon is going on in the Mahadasha of Saturn, therefore, your mother may face health problem, suffer like death. But his mother has undergone the Cataract operation only.  Now, why this happened? The astrologer was right, but he did a mistake, he didn’t check the birth chart of other children of that women. It is important to note that the native had two brothers and one sister. The Major or Sub Period of Moon (Mahadasha) was very good in the birth chart of his brothers & sister that’s why the prediction was proved wrong.

Sometimes 2nd person’s horoscope is required

All these examples have been given to prove that the destiny of one person is attached to the destiny of his/ her family, society. The planets in our horoscope influenced the life of our near & dear, parents & children, friends & society. If you may be injured or suffer due to one planet then at the same time the planets in the horoscope of your wife may save you from any kind of danger.

Love and arranged marriage prediction accuracy

One Boy & Girl were in courtship, they wanted to get married when I checked the horoscope of both then come to know that there was Yog of love marriage in the horoscope of boy only and not in the horoscope of girl. But later both get married with the consensus of family members of both girl & boy.

When one matter is related to two or more person one should not rely on the horoscope of one person only because then we will get half / incomplete prediction. My esteemed readers are requested to use their discretion in this regard.

Afterall the conclusion is when there is the question of 2 person’s life prediction must be analysed by both person’s horoscope





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